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Kiltesh Patel

Kiltesh Patel

Kiltesh Patel, MS, MBA, has 15 years of experience in enterprise technologies and bio-medical informatics. He is a subject matter expert in developing & implementing key data management strategies. He has lead several large-scale open and closed source technologies projects.

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Top 3 Must-Have Dental Practice Software Features To Grow Your Practice

As the saying goes, “what gets measured gets done” --  in order to grow your dental practice, you need to know what metrics to track, so you can focus your resources on doing what will make the business more profitable.

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Evolution of Dental Practice Management Software: What Cloud Is?

What cell phone are you using now? While there may be a few of us clinging to the simplicity of flip phones, most have moved on from that dated technology. Are you using the flip phone of dental office software?

Topics: Dental Practice Management Practice Success Cloud Dental Software Profitability Practice Efficiency Productivity

Buying Dental Practice Management Software? Here are Top Security Questions to Ask

Are you planning to purchase a dental practice management software to oversee the day-to-day operations of your practice? With the high number of vendors available out there, it can be a difficult decision to choose the best software that ensures the success of your practice.

Therefore, you need to do sufficient background checks and select the right dental management software for your use.

Here are four key questions you should ask the dental management software vendors and avoid making mistakes during your purchase.

1. Which features do the software come with?

The extent of features in a dental practice management software will determine the efficiency and productivity of your dental practice. Therefore, you need to know the features that the software offers and how to integrate them into your practice effortlessly.

Some of the features include appointment scheduling, treatment plans, patients’ records storage and reporting, and contact databases. Furthermore, the dental management software should be flexible and easy to use. If you go for a software that comes with unnecessary complexities, it may impair the productivity of your practice.

2. Does the software offer security and data protection?

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How Cloud-Based Dental Software Can Streamline Operation

There’s a lot to juggle when you’re running a dental practice. Not only do you have to deliver the best-in-class patient experience but also manage a multitude of administrative tasks to ensure that your practice is run cost-efficiently.

Topics: Cloud Software Dental Practice Management Dental Software Practice Success Dental Patients Cloud Dental Software cloud based dental software multi-site dental practice Profitability Productivity

3 Key Password Management Policies To Safeguard Your Dental Practice Data

The dental industry is rapidly adopting new technologies to optimize operations, increase efficiencies, and enhance outputs. Notably, with the emergence of computers, most dentists have abandoned the traditional methods, such as storing records on paper,  and adopted practice management software to run their businesses.

Topics: Dental Practice Management HIPAA Data Security cloud based dental software New Practice

Streamline Your Pediatric Dental Practice’s Intra-Office Communication with Cloud Software

Patient communication is a high priority in almost every health care practice, but especially in a pediatric dental office. The average practice staff spends over an hour every day tracking down coworkers to find important information.

Are you Safeguarding Your Dental Practice Data?

Data breaches are costly to dental practices. According to a study sponsored by IBM Security and conducted by Ponemon Institute, data breaches cost the healthcare industry $380 per compromised record.

Topics: HIPAA Data Security Patient Retention Patient Loyalty

Why Your Dental Practice Should Switch to Cloud-Based Dental Software

From hardware failures to Trojan viruses to natural disasters, there are countless ways your confidential patient data can be put at risk. With cyber crime and identity theft on the rise, it has never been more important to ensure your practice’s data is safe and secure.

Topics: Cloud Software Dental Practice Management Dental Software Practice Success HIPAA Cloud Dental Software Patient Communication cloud based dental software Startup Costs for Dentists Productivity

Top 5 Online Brand Setup For Starting Or Acquiring Your New Dental Practice

If you’re wondering whether you need to establish an online presence for your new dental practice, consider these statistics:

Buying a Dental Practice vs Starting Your Own

To have your own dental practice is a dream, and one of the biggest business decision you will make in your life. Should you purchase an existing practice or build one from scratch?. That’s an important question to consider.