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Early Cloud Adopter Talks About Her Experience 3 Years in Cloud Dental Software

Our customer, Dr. Anna Cowdin, transitioned from mobile dentistry to owning a brick and mortar dental practice in the beginning of 2020. She talks about how tab32 supported her in each sector. She explains how it was not only the best software for a mobile dental practice, but it is also the best dental software for a brick and mortar practice as well.

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The Key to Dental DSO Growth: Centralization of Patient Data

Dr. Polsky is the CEO and co-founder of a Seattle-based healthcare company and large pediatric dental practice (DSO), Visio. She talks about her experience on another cloud dental practice management software when the COVID-19 Pandemic hit.

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How does Technology Strategy Effects DSO KPIs ft. Lena Leung

Lena Leung, the Director of Operations for a large dental practice in New York City. Lena talks about how tab32 handles reporting for large dental practices. She discusses different reports in the cloud dental practice management software that she uses often. She specifically mentions how she uses tab32 for dental insurance management software. She explains how easy it is to see how different dental insurances are performing, and she can easily decide where to put her money for the most profit.

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How a Large Practice Took on COVID-19 ft. Lea Weber

During a customer webinar, we sat down with our community member, Lea Weber, she shares her tips for moving to a new dental software. Specifically, she talks about how when her staff would call tab32 cloud dental software support, she encouraged them to share the answer with the whole team to cut down on support calls and ensure everyone could learn the dental practice management software efficiently.

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Why having zero downtime is important for cloud dental software?

Keshia Higgins. She is the CFO of Full Smile Management, a subsidiary of Amarillo Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery (15 location dental service organization [DSO]). In this video, Keshia talks about the reliability of cloud dental software. She explains how her team has experienced no downtime on tab32 cloud dental software.

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Taking the Leap - Cloud Dental Practice Management ft. Jim Oguntimein

During a customer webinar, we sat down with our community member, Jim Oguntimein who is an operations manager for a dental practice in DC. In this video, he explains how being open to change is how one stays successful. He mentions why having a cloud dental software provider that is committed to innovation is so important when running a modern dental practice.

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