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tab32 stands at the forefront of innovation in dental practice management technology, offering seamless and user-friendly workflows. Elevate the patient experience by streamlining all touchpoints, from pre-visit to during-visit and post-visit.


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tab32 dental practice software is designed to optimize workflows for greater efficiency, resulting in better patient care, improved experiences, and ultimately, more revenue.

Discover a comprehensive platform featuring an integrated chart that seamlessly blends general dentistry, pediatrics, and orthodontics, all in one centralized cloud-based location.

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Unify your practice(s) with our comprehensive cloud-based dental practice management software and empower your staff by streamlining workflows. Our all-inclusive platform eliminates the need for costly third-party vendors and allows you to maximize the potential of your business.


& Security

tab32 is built upon GCP infrastructure with a 99.94% overall uptime record since 2017. Security and compliance are paramount, with data protected by 24/7 monitoring by tab32 security professionals, as well as the security provided by enterprise. Our HIPAA-compliant cloud infrastructure is routinely audited by third party vendors, ensuring the highest level of security for your patient data.

  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Enterprise Logins with Google OAuth, Azure, AD
  • Data on compliant cloud infra – reduce local storages (documents, eobs, x-rays, etc.)
  • Reduced third-party integration risk - e.g. no processes in place to rotate API keys
  • HIPAA Storage Compliance - e.g. seven years of records, audits, x-ray minimums


What Our DSO Customers Say

What ultimately drove us to tab32 was the ease of how to access patient records from every location…That’s big for us because that’s a part of our business model.


Keshia Higgins
CFO of Full Smile Management

What’s interesting about tab32… is the infinite scale, there is no barrier. You can multiply the exact same technology on a consistent basis, without the headaches.


Dr. Ellen Polsky
CEO and Co-founder of Visio

Switch to the Best Dental Software

The #1 cloud dental software that's simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use.

Switch to the Best Dental Software

The #1 cloud dental software that's simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use.