• Unparalleled Comprehensive Solution: From patient management to appointment scheduling, insurance claims processing to treatment planning, the API encompasses all essential aspects of dental practice management.
  • Robust Library of Assets: tab32 API offers developers access to a rich library of assets, including comprehensive documentation, sample code, and developer resources.
  • Multiple App Development: tab32 API provides developers with the flexibility to create multiple applications, catering to various dental use cases.
  • Secure and Compliant: tab32 API places utmost importance on data security and compliance with industry standards. By adhering to HIPAA (Htalth Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) & SOC2 regulations and robust data encryption,

With tab32 API, you gain access to the dental industry's most comprehensive solution, empowering you to create innovative applications that revolutionize dental practice management. tab32’s robust library of assets delivers exceptional user experiences. Whether you're building patient-facing apps, practice management tools, or comprehensive dental software, tab32 provides the tools you need to succeed.


Enterprise API

Enhance your dental practice with tab32's Enterprise API, powered by Google Apigee. Unlock exponential growth with our API platform, enabling the creation of custom, real-time applications that elevate patient experiences and seamlessly integrate with your in-house systems.

  • Complete Practice Management Open API
  • Holistic access to Patient, Provider, Schedule, Chart, Notes, Ledger, Payments, and more
  • Accelerated Development through our Developer API Portal
  • Extensive Support Documentation & Sample Resources

Developer API

Experience the next level of business solutions with tab32's 3rd Party API. Designed to perfectly complement the tab32 PMS Platform, our API empowers vendors with comprehensive tools to meet diverse business needs. Join us in shaping the future of the dental industry.

  • Open Practice Management API
  • Craft Targeted Solutions for Your Business Vertical
  • Unrestricted API access tailored to your specific Use Cases
  • Rapid Onboarding via our Developer API Portal
  • Abundant Support Documentation & Sample Resources

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