Why Patient First?

Patient Centered Care
For Growth & Profitability

Because a comprehensive care continuum goes beyond the four walls of a clinic, far before the pre-visit and continues through the post-visit.

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Our Customer Testimonials

tab32 is a very strong asset for our Dental practice in terms of operational and patient communications - reminders, appointment confirmation, automated recalls & surveys. Being Cloud software, it has provided me the flexibility to finish off day early sometimes and get back to it later in the evening or week ends, has complete auditing. The User Interface is a total upgrade and intuitive compare with traditional server based age old software.

- Ebony M, Office Manager

Everything you need is built in so you don't have to pay for add ons - patient 2 way communication, text confirmations, e-forms, e-claims, automatic statements, online booking, etc.

- Anna C., Dentist

Cloud based; very flexible and can be adapted to most any situation. Tablets work great. The Hello Patient features are unmatched.

- Lee H., Consultant

Ease of use. The all inclusive nature of the software - appointment reminders, verifications, billing -- it's an all in one experience.

- Janice K., Owner DDS

The software has all the features you will need to manage/ start your business, plus they have great online support to help with your needs. ALL THE FEATURES ON THIS PROGRAM, FOR MY BUSINESS TO SUCCEED.


Why Patient First


The piecemeal solution of disparate systems like reminders & confirmations, communications, practice management & billing lacks continuity of care, empathy & engagement. These legacy methods have been failing both the patient and the provider, which is evident from the escalating cost of patient acquisition, high patient attrition and evolving consumer dynamics.

Hence, the entire care workflow needs to be redesigned keeping patients at the center in order to deliver quality care and an engaging experience.

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Experience Economy

Competitive market & evolving consumer dynamics

There is 13 times more dental practices than Starbucks in the US. Keywords like"dentist near me" or "find dentist" are extremely challenging for organic ranks and competitive for Google Ads. In such a competitive scenario where dental treatment costs are transparent mostly dictated by the payers, how do you differentiate your dental practice? Hence, the only "core" differentiation available is the patient (consumer) experience.

In this Internet age, the consumer experience begins with potential customer searching "dentist nearby" blurring the notion that the experience exists only within the four walls of a dental practice.

whypatientfirst-experience economy

Disrupting The Legacy Value-Chain Model


tab32 is leading the innovation of patient-first technology to deliver a comprehensive, cohesive and
engaging patient experiences throughout the entire value-chain of the care continuum.

  • Designed with patient care at the center 
  • Designed to deliver an engaging experience

Patient First

“Patient Centered” - not an afterthought!

Pre, During & Post-visit weaving via automated proactive and engaging care workflows



The patient journey begins far beyond the four walls of a dental practice. Addressing the complex needs of single, group or multiple locations dental practices by delivering engaging experiences from the first-touch


Our dental practice management platform provides seamless patient/ provider - first experience, leveraging automation and proprietary workflows while focusing on the practice growth & profitability


To maintain a care centered approach, automated workflows using smart integrated communications proactively engage patients beyond the immediate visit


Never miss an opportunity

Easy-to-use public web widgets can be integrated within the dental practice's website allowing patients to book, register and pay online



Never miss an opportunity

Easy-to-use public web widgets can be integrated within the dental practice's website allowing patients to book, register and pay online


Communicate using the most engaging channel

Our software allows you to text message patients with the practice management software, 98% open rate (secure email communication is also available)


Stay on top of mind

Automated processes to remind patients of in-progress and incomplete treatments, hygiene recalls, yearly-end reminders

A Patient-Centered Approach

tab32 technologies help you build a patient-centered practice