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Dental Practice Management

Dental Practice Management Software

Focus On Growth & Profitability

Streamline your workflows to efficiently run the dental practice of all sizes

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Easy-to-Use Comprehensive Solution

Scheduling, Charting, Treatment Planning, Notes, Alerts, Ledger, Management Tools, eRx & Billings.

Intuitive workflows along with contextual information all within 1-click reach.

Designed for operational efficiency - front-office, and back-office.

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Easy to use comprehensive solution

What Are the Differences Between Dentrix and tab32?

Community members, Alfons and Dr. Kaso compare using Dentrix in the past to using tab32 now. They discuss the differences in process, and the pros of having an all in one solution opposed to separate vendors.


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Collect Insurance Payments Faster

Get paid quickly with our proprietary eClaims and eAttachments workflows

Maintain data integrity within one platform instead of correcting claim errors on multiple places in payer portal and legacy systems

Collect Claims Payment Faster

Reduce Patient Payment Cycle-time

No more having to wait 30/60 days before patients pay

Send & receive instantaneous electronic statements and collect same day payments with mobile payment solutions

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Reduce Claim Payment Cycle

In-depth Reporting Engine

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually, and Custom Reports

Patient Records, Production, Collection, Deposits, Accounts Receivable, Aging, Insurance and much more...

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In-depth Reporting engine

Dental Practice Management System

Make your dental practice more successful with an intuitive Dental PMS