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Tele-Dentistry Software

patient first

Teledentistry Software

Complete Tele-Dental Platform


Book Online Appointment, Phone (VoIP) from Browser, Texting, Video, Chat, Payments and eClaims - all your needs in one package

Now Equally Available To All Dental Practices - get reimbursed and tee up the patients until your doors reopen

End-to-end teledentisty platform independent of your existing legacy server-based practice management systems

Video Meet Patients During This Pandemic

Why lose your important patients when you can meet them online just as you meet them in your practice to reduce exposure risk.

How It Works

Manage all your tele-dentists need in one platform

Tele-dentistry Workflow

Why Teledentistry Today

  • Dental Insurances are paying for Limited, Emergency and Tele-Dental Services
  • Any patient can schedule the call online before coming in to reduce risk
  • Non-Clinical staff can work from home to reduce the risk
Why Tele-Dentistry

Business Will Not Be As Usual Post Covid-19

Most dental business will have to adapt to new changes irrespective of single, group or DSOs.

  • Enhance Patient Engagement and Experience
  • Develop Brand and Reputation
  • Additional Revenue Source - New Patient Acquisition
Adapt To New Changes

Completely On Cloud

As our practice management software, this module is also built and works on cloud.


Teledentistry Features

Still Keeping It Patient First

Virtual Consultation

On Demand Phone, Video and Chat

Provide virtual consultations remotely to assess and triage dental emergencies and enable post-procedure follow-up care


Online Booking

Book patient appointments online seamlessly for a video or phone (VoIP) call

On Any Device

Any Device Anywhere

Stay personally connected to your patients when you cannot be with them face-to-face, just as you would do in you're clinic

Email and Messaging

Texting & Emails

2-way texting communication and email follow-ups at your fingertips within the platform


Secured and HIPAA Compliant

Built as per HIPAA compliance policies and works seamlessly just from anywhere

Easy Payment and Claims

Payments & eClaims

Manage billing, payments and Electronic Claims with couple of clicks

Let's get you started

Teledentistry for future is ready. Are you?