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Imaging Studio™

Radiology Innovation
Like Never Before

Efficient patient-first workflows designed for
future forward dental practices

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Not An Afterthought

How cloud based x-rays are transforming clinical performance

Analyze X-Ray Alongside Chart

A provider first clinical experience

Read X-Rays Alongside The Chart
Community driven design, for dentists by dentists
Intuitive Editing
Sharpen, Measure, Contrast- you name it we have it
Annotate Directly On Radiograph
tab32 is the only solution to offer this drawing tool
Easy Claim Submission
No more need for attachment vendors

Image Filters

Educate patients interactively

Define templates of your choice like 2-BW, 4-BW, 3-PA, Ortho Profile and FMX
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Educate patients interactively using the radiology images & pictures for better care outcomes
Attach pano or individual images with claims directly from the software

Quick & Easy Editing

Seamless image editing options

We are the only one in the industry to offer the tool of 'Annotate' in our software. You can now directly add notes on the radiographs as required.
Our ultra 'Zoom' feature helps identify and inspect images clearly making editing much easier and faster. Don't miss another minute of details.
Easily 'Rotate' images at 360 degrees, covering every detail at the inspection level. This brings comfort to the editing process.
With loads of other options, tab32 also offers the 'Mirror' tool to multiply or replicate tooth images helping to modify the radiograph.

No Internet No Problem

Auto-sync images when you are connected to the internet just like Dropbox or Google Drive file sync

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Image Migration Platform

100+ million images on cloud


Cloud-Based Imaging Platform

Manage all your imaging needs through our cloud dental software solution