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Cloud Technology Stack
The platform is truly developed on cloud software stack unlike legacy or 10+ years older web technologies marketed with an illusion of being 'cloud' - ask where software is being built/stored, if it's multi-tenant and to confirm if ancillary coding apps are HIPAA compliant.
Enterprise Platform For
Is highly scalable and provides instantaneous access across the country for the growing needs of your enterprise. The dental software stack is architects to not only provide large scale infrastructure but also to deliver rapid innovations at scale for today's evolving and agile dental market.
patient database
Strategic Choice Of
Patient Database
Shared patient database or individual database based on your DSO strategic requirements. tab32 dental software provides the flexibility of single, shared and hybrid options of patient databases for businesses to be agile and provide unequivocally consistent patient experience.
one subscription
One Subscription
Efficiently manage multi-locations on one platform. Find a single solution for all your enterprise needs.
A comprehensive dental software platform built for clinical, operational and management needs so that you can focus on "QUALITY CARE & EXPERIENCE DELIVERY".
reporting & business intel
Reporting & Business
The dental practice management software provides comprehensive out of box reports - production, collection, provider, payer, outstanding claims, receivables, aging, much more...In addition, dental PMS also provides compliance reports for government-funded programs.
central setup
Central Setups
Operational efficiencies to setup standard processes and workflows for regional dental practice managers
Centrally Manage Insurances, Contracted Fees, Claims, Clinical Notes and Auto Notes, Templates for documentation, communications and consents and much more...
reduce ITcost
Reduce IT Cost
Eliminate the growing ongoing burden of IT management. Freeing up revenue to invest in building care & experience delivery teams instead. Remove server, storage & IT cost along with in-house data management like back-ups and restore and burden of data compliance.
Outstanding Support
Large scale on-demand customer on-boarding - programs for Train the Trainer using Learning Management System (LMS) platform alongside live ongoing tier-1 and tier-2 US-based support.

Why tab32 For Enterprise

tab32 CEO, Kiltesh Patel, answers the question "why tab32 is the best dental practice management software for large dental practices". He talks about how tab32 is the only dental software that solves all the enterprise problems of large dental practices.



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