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Dental Mobile Practice

Mobile Dental Practice

Single or Multi Location

Designed For Your Custom Needs

Provide uncompromised "patient first" experiences

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Growing Business Needs

The tab32 platform provides a flexibility of being agile and nimble in highly competitive markets

Business Models
  • Single Location
  • Multi Locations
  • Event Based
  • Hub & Spoke
Business Areas
  • School-based Programs
  • Onsite Employee Cleanings
  • Speciality Services
  • Entrepreneur Quest
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Growing Dental Business Needs

The Best Dental Practice Management Software on Mobile Devices

Sarah Luetke discusses how tab32 performs on mobile devices and how using tab32 on her mobile phone is a regular occurrence when she is out doing dental work at nursing and assisted living homes.


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Any Device Anywhere

Simple & Consistent User Experience across any type of devices tablets, phones, laptops and desktops

Use while vacationing on the road or for evening surgical follow-ups - we've got you covered!

Anywhere Any Device

Offline Imaging Studio

Capture images even if you have a patchy Internet connection.

Our Imaging Studio works in an off-line mode for you to continue with patient care

Only Cloud-based imaging solution in the market with an offline mode

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Offline Dental XRay Imaging

Comprehensive Features

Online Patient Bookings (and Requesting) for multiple locations, events, and providers all integrated within your scheduler - improve new patient on-boarding experience

Option to collect advance/co-pay while booking (or requesting) an appointment

Talk to our team if you need customized reports like carries risk assessment, number of fluorides or sealants, etc... - we got it all!

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Comprehensive Mobile Features

Data Migration

We can migrate from any legacy in-premises server-based or web based dental practice management