Machine Learning

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Why AI With tab32?

tab32's forward-thinking data standardization allows for a unique comprehensive repository of information to build tested AI models

Best In Class, tab32 Has 9+ Terabytes Of Images
What comes first, the chicken or the egg? Without data, ML and AI advancement is a mere theory. tab32 is a true machine learning ready platform with over 1 Million+ tags providing exclusive proof of concept machine learning tools.

Intelligence Built Within The PMS

Smart care for better outcomes

Business Data Insights
Community driven design,
for dentists by dentists
Realtime Business Intelligence
Reduces clicks through a responsive interface
Care Driven By Data
No more manually calculating downgrades
Working smarter, not harder

AI At Work

Better care

Standardize the care delivery through consistent support across multi-locations
Aid providers with missed opportunities like periodontal and restorative treatments

Meet AI Within Dentistry

Meet our AI assist

tab32 first dental practice management system has built the market intent-based bot that would create intra-office communications and interlocation communication within DSO with better workflows and efficiency.

Machine Learning

Automated and efficient communication