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Dr. Cowdin's story about having all in one dental practice management

She gave a customer review of tab32, during a webinar. She explains how cloud dental software has benefited her practice. She talks about the value of having all in one dental practice management.

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Dr. Sorvino story about his partnership with tab32

Dr. Sorvino, who has been a tab32 customer since 2015 mentions how the tab32 customer service team has always been compassionate, friendly and diligent when solving problems in the cloud dental software.

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Lea Weber, CFO of a large dental practice in Texas speaks on choosing tab32 cloud dental software

She explains that it was the all in one aspect of tab32 that sold her. She mentions how she talked to other clouds dental practice management software companies, but they all required 3rd-party vendor add-ons, and tab32 was the only truly all in one cloud dental software.

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Keshia Higgins, CFO of Full Smile Management talks about tab32 cloud dental software for pediatric dentistry

In this video, Keshia speaks about using tab32 cloud dental software as software for pediatric dentistry. She mentions how it has helped streamline the processes in all of her practices, speciality and pediatric.

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