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Clinical Charting

By Dentists For Dentists

Simple interface that makes navigating through your day a breeze

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Personalised Patient Care

Customise and streamline your workflow

Comprehensive Care Modules
Includes Dental & Periodontal Charting, Treatment Planning, Alerts,
Progress Notes, Auto Notes, Exam Forms, Consents, eRX,
Form Templates, Explosion Codes, Prompts
Easy Charting With Fewer Clicks to Document
Medical History Review

No 3rd Party Vendors! One Platform For A Successful Dental Patient Experience

LIVE walkthrough of tab32 one of a kind dental charting



All-In-One Dental EHR


Highly Customizable

Setup templates for Explosion Codes, Progress Notes,  Auto Notes, Exam Forms and Messages.

Customisable for multiple locations, users or speciality.

Access Charts From Any Device Anywhere

From the road, to evenings, to surgical follow-ups or simply when vacationing - we got you covered.

Contemporary Design
With Inter/Intra-Office Chat

Open multiple charts at the same time via tabs, instant message colleagues within the office or across multiple locations in real-time. 


Make Your Dental Practice More Successful

With an intuitive Dental Electronic Health Record (D-EHR)
EHR-dental practice-more-successful