Is Your Dental Software Missing These Key Features?

Kiltesh Patel
November 19, 2020 | 4 min read

Using dental practice management software is the key to improving cost-efficiency and delivering a modern patient experience. However, dental practices are missing out on key ways to generate revenue because of old technology and failing workflows.

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It might be time to move on to a new dental practice management software. We have identified these key features that may be missing from your current software and holding back your revenue-generating potential:

1. No Patient Re-engagement Tools

You could be leaving money on the table if you don't regularly follow up with patients who haven’t completed their treatments. Not only does this mean lost revenue but it also impacts treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction. However, having your staff go through every single patient record periodically is time-consuming and highly inefficient.

With tab32 cloud dental practice management software, you can leverage revenue discovery features to automatically generate incomplete treatment reports. The software can also automate workflows to identify incomplete treatment plans and send out online booking links to patients. 

In addition, you can keep patients engaged by sending an automated email that asks them to update personal information on their medical form every 6 months. Not only will this keep your information current to minimize paperwork during visits but also helps you stay top of mind to increase patient retention rate.

2. No Practice Growth Support

If your dental software doesn’t have a robust set of revenue discovery tools, you won’t be able to implement a cost-efficient process to support standard of care, which helps make sure that every patient is getting the appropriate care in a timely manner while increasing your practice’s production and efficiency.

With these features, you can automatically send patients booking links for recall or re-care visits at the right time and remind them about year-end leftover insurance spending to uncover production opportunities.

3. No Online Scheduling Capabilities

Without an online booking feature on your website, patients can only schedule appointments during your office hours. However, today’s consumers want the ability to set up their healthcare visits whenever that’s most convenient for them using self-service tools.

Use a cloud dental software that offers an online booking workflow. It should allow patients to set appointments without creating a username or password, to minimize friction. Program the software to send out automated confirmation, reminders, educational information, etc., which can help improve patient communication while minimizing no-shows.

Online booking not only allows you to capture more new patients by enabling after-hour booking, but also minimizes the amount of back-and-forth between your staff and patients (e.g., leaving or returning voicemails.) This reduces the administrative burden on your employees, so they can focus on delivering care to your patients.

4. No Online or Mobile Payment Options

Dental practices that don’t process payments digitally have challenges with outstanding balance and long payment cycles. As consumers are used to paying their bills online, patients often delay writing a check and mailing in their payments simply because of the inconvenience. 

You should use a cloud dental software with online invoicing and payment processing capabilities, which can send out an e-statement right after each visit and monthly reminders with a payment link, as well as accepting online and mobile payment. This’ll make it easy for patients to pay promptly so you can improve your cash flow and the health of your business. 

Get the Highest ROI With an All-in-One Dental Practice Management Platform

If your current dental software doesn’t have these 4 key functions, it’s time for an upgrade. In addition, the ability to access all these key dental practice management and patient engagement features via a single platform will help you further improve cost-efficiency while minimizing errors and delays, so you can get the most out of your dental software.

tab32 integrates dental practice management, patient communication, dental EHR, imaging studio, billing, revenue discovery, membership plans, and teledentistry functions all in one place to help you make the most of your digitization efforts, so you can deliver a modern patient experience and increase your dental practice revenue. Request a demo to see tab32 in action. 

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