Improve Patient Relationships & Retention Using Cloud Dental Software

Kiltesh Patel
February 11, 2021 | 3 min read

The reality for dental practices is that competition is tough and each patient represents an investment in time and resources. However, building a true relationship with patients can yield a beneficial partnership between both parties. It's not rocket science to build this relationship, but it does take work. Many dental practice software programs assist with this, and tab32 is no exception. Patients expect top-notch dental care, but they also want a great experience with the office in general. From scheduling appointments to understanding treatment options and making payments, the interactions need to be smooth and intuitive, without being intrusive.

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With tab32, we have put a lot of thought into creating features that help make it easier for practices to pursue and win over enthusiastic patients. Here's how our cloud dental software improves communication between practices and patients (and potential patients).

  1. Send and receive text messages. That's right, tab32 gives your office a unique, local number that allows this critical communication method. Forget one-sided messages that go out, but can't accept a reply. Give your patients an easy way to get ahold of your office.
  2. Manage all calls within EHR. Our VoIP telephony allows your staff to make and receive calls within EHR. This gives them access to records, treatments, and family information all in one spot. Smart Caller-ID helps add another personal touch to interactions.
  3. Confirm and remind about appointments. Lower your no-show rate with automatic appointment reminders at 7, 5, and 3 days before. Patients can confirm the appointment from their smartphone by clicking on the web link or replying to the text message. This gives patients reminders in their busy lives, as well as a convenient way to confirm without having to answer a phone call.
  4. Automate patient recall. Show patients you care about their dental health with regular reminders to schedule their visits. These text message reminders come with an easy way to schedule online or request a call from the practice front office.
  5. Identify incomplete treatments. Do you have patients not finished with treatments? It's likely in their busy day to day they forgot they needed to come back. Use tab32 to easily find and contact those patients to get them in the door to finish their treatments.
  6. Schedule appointments online. Skip phone calls and save your front office staff time and energy. Give patients the freedom and flexibility to schedule their appointments online—anytime! Whether it's 10 pm after the kids are in bed or a quick 10 minutes over their lunch break, patients will love the convenience.
  7. Collect post-appointment surveys. Automatically follow-up with our 3 question survey. Patients can give their feedback, then you publish on your website for visibility and SEO.
  8. Send birthday messages. Show your patients you're paying attention and care about each of them. Choose a birthday message to go out to keep you top of mind.

These are just some of the ways tab32 allows you to build patient relationships. Each new patient is expensive to acquire, so building these types of relationships with patients will be rewarded with loyalty and hopefully referrals! Want to learn more about tab32, our cloud-based dental software? Contact us today.

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