How Online History Forms Improve Your Dental Practice

Kiltesh Patel
January 21, 2021 | 2 min read

Is your dental practice still using paper history forms for new patients? Are you starting a new dental practice and wondering the best way to accept these forms and keep that information safe? Though they are the old standard, Not only are these paper forms labor intensive for you and your team, but they are incredibly insecure.

Online history forms are beneficial to your practice in a number of ways, let's look at a few:

  1. Secure - Instead of paper forms floating around waiting to go to the shredder after passing through a number of hands, the information is stored safely in the cloud. We can't speak for all online history form providers, but at tab32, we use cutting-edge cloud-based dental software security to keep all our client (and their patient) data safe from malicious attacks. These online forms are much more secure than all that paper sitting out in the open.
  2. Available to the patient before their appointment - Save your patients time when they get to your office. Have them fill our their history forms before they come in for their first appointment. This saves you and your staff time as well. You can review the patient history before the appointment, rather than waiting for them to complete their form. This also lends itself to a more accurate and thorough history since the patient isn't rushed to finish before their appointment.
  3. No data entry - If you think about it, paper forms are really a two-step system. The patient fills out the form, then someone has to enter the information into the EHR system you have in place. It's convenient and time-saving to have the patient enter their info right into the system. This saves time and labor. It also prevents errors and adds another layer of security.
  4. Integrate smoothly into your EHR system - When you choose tab32, our online history form integrates directly into the EHR system. There are no extra steps, no data to move or download. One step gets the info from the patient into your dental practice management software, where you can access it from anywhere you have internet.

We'd love to show you how tab32 integrates history forms into our cloud-based dental practice software and EHR to increase security and save you time. You can learn more about the feature of our EHR system or sign up for a one-on-one demo and get started on the right foot.

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