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We know you have a lot of questions when it comes to investing in technology for your practice:

  • Is this the right solution for us?
  • How much will this cost in the long run?
  • Will this make us more productive and profitable?
  • Does technology make *that* much of a difference?
  • What will the staff think?
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Is Your New Practice Ready for Cloud Dental Software?

What does it take for a practice to be ready for cloud-based software? Let's review list of pre-requisites for getting on a cloud dental software. We will review internet requirements, scheduling and clinical documentation needs, insurance and claims, patient and online reputation management.

Topics: Cloud Dental Software Practice Efficiency Patient Communication Startup Costs for Dentists Dental Practice Management

How to Keep Your Dental Practice Startup Costs Down

When you are starting out to launch your new practice, banks will be there offering you LOTS of money. The average cost (according to Bank of America) of a new dental practice is upwards of $450,000! They know that dental practices are a great investment and that they will make more money if they can get you to take a bigger loan. What they don't know is that you're smarter than that! You want to be profitable sooner, and spend less money paying the interest on your loan. While you can't completely eliminate your startup costs, you can be mindful of how and where you spend your money. Being frugal in your startup costs means less money paid to the bank and more in your pocket or to reinvest in the practice.

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Start Your New Dental Practice on the Path to Profitability

What does it take for the average dental practice to be profitable? What steps can you take as you start your practice to ensure your practice turns a profit sooner rather than later? If you already have a practice, this information is good for you, too. Even if you've been in business for years, finding new ways to be profitable is always a good idea!

Topics: Profitability Startup Costs for Dentists Practice Success Dental Practice Management

4 Ways Cloud-Based Software Makes Your Practice Profitable

When you want to increase the profitability of your dental practice, you have to understand where profit comes from. Profit is what your business is making after you subtract all your expenses. And there are two main ways to increase that margin: by lowering your costs or increasing revenue. Often, dental practices can benefit from both main categories. How can a cloud-based software help you cut costs AND raise revenue?

Topics: Profitability Practice Efficiency Productivity Startup Costs for Dentists Dental Practice Management

Why Your Practice Needs tab32's Cloud-Based EHR

At tab32, we're so sure you need our cloud-based EHR system for your dental practice, we want you to have it. Our software combines the best features all on a cloud-based platform to give you access to the patient records you need to give great service and grow your practice.

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5 Things Your Dental Practice Management Software Should Do

When shopping around for dental practice management software, there are a lot of features and options you're considering. We've talked a lot on this blog specifically about the benefits of cloud-based dental software, but what about other features and benefits? Let's look at some of the broad strokes for how practice management software should impact your office every day:

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Why You'll Love Cloud-Based Dental Practice Software

You have a number of options when it comes to dental practice software and you'll have to decide what works best for you, your practice, and your lifestyle. Between traditional, on-site systems with servers in your office and cloud-based systems that keep your data off-site, there are a number of vendors available.

In previous posts, we've talked a lot about the benefits of  cloud-based  dental software. Until now, we've focused a lot on features, but not on how that will impact your life and how you run your practice.

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3 Ways Cloud-Based Dental Software Saves You Money


One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to cloud-based dental practice management software is how much they cost. And while it's true, practice software is a big investment, the benefits of cloud-based solutions and their relative cost make them a great option. Often, cloud-based software is less expensive than its traditional, on-site counterparts. The lower price point combined with the benefits give dentists a strong option for running their practice with cloud-based dental software.

Topics: Profitability Practice Efficiency Startup Costs for Dentists Cloud Dental Software Dental Practice Management