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The State of Dental Technology for Dental Practice Management Software in 2019

In the last few years, advancements in technology has caused dramatic transformations to the dental industry. Presently, there are numerous new dental technologies that offer state-of-the-art solutions to most of the traditional dental problems.

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The Importance of Mobile, Online Dental Software in Dentistry

Are you looking to improve your dental service by making it more easily accessible and affordable to you and your patients? Do you want an effective alternative to manage all your important data in a safe and convenient place? Then mobile based dental service is one of your best options.

Combined with cutting-edge cloud technology, it can play a significant role in your dental practice. Cloud Dental Software solutions can help you manage your services more efficiently. They also help you communicate with your patients better and offer a more cost-effective solution to the traditional dental practice.

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Beware Fake Cloud Dental Software – Draw the Impostors Out!

Have you seen a fake iPhone? Imitation iPhones look real until you use it and find its function is nowhere near a real iPhone. 

Why bring this up? Over the years, many legacy dental practice management vendors have started hosting their existing antiquated software using legacy products like Citrix, and tricking customers that they are receiving a "cloud solution". Like the fake iPhone, these antiquated cloud-hosted practice management systems fall short in user experience and accessibility compared to true cloud based systems.

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Evolution of Dental Practice Management Software: What Cloud Really Means

What cell phone are you using now? While there may be a few of us clinging to the simplicity of flip phones, most have moved on from that dated technology. Are you using the flip phone of dental office software?

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Using the Right Tools for Productivity and Profitability

Are you using the right tool for the job? When it comes to treating patients, we doubt you're just "making it work" with the wrong tools. You have your tools for each specific task, and those do the best job—giving you the results you're after.

Running your practice is no different. You need the right tools (and people) to ensure each task is completed efficiently. When you have the right tools at your disposal, your practice is productive and profitable.

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How Much is Patient Loyalty Worth to Your Dental Practice?

When it comes to marketing and patient acquisition, finding out the costs associated and value of each patient is key to each practice. You'll need to drill down in your numbers to find out what each patient is bringing in and how much it cost to get them in the door. The tab32 dashboard makes it easy to access these numbers, but if you haven't started your practice yet, or you're brand new, it's impossible to grasp this data.

What we know, after years of building our cloud-based dental software and working with dentists is that the worth of your patient loyalty (and the effort you needs to put into building that loyalty) cannot be overstated, or underestimated. It is only to your detriment to ignore these key pieces of information. 

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Free Technology Ebook Available Now

We know you have a lot of questions when it comes to investing in technology for your practice:

  • Is this the right solution for us?
  • How much will this cost in the long run?
  • Will this make us more productive and profitable?
  • Does technology make *that* much of a difference?
  • What will the staff think?
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Is Your New Practice Ready for Cloud Dental Software?

What does it take for a practice to be ready for cloud-based software? Let's review list of pre-requisites for getting on a cloud dental software. We will review internet requirements, scheduling and clinical documentation needs, insurance and claims, patient and online reputation management.

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Top 3 Benefits of Moving to Cloud-Based Dental Software

According to a 2014 survey by HIMSS Analytics, 86% of healthcare organizations say they’re already using cloud services, and 67% say they’re using cloud-based applications.

The report indicates the three most common uses of cloud technology are:

  • Hosting of clinical applications and data
  • Backup and data recovery
  • Health information exchange

How does this translate to dental? And what can you anticipate if you're shopping around for software for your new practice? There's a lot to know about cloud-based dental software, and the difference it can make as you launch your new practice.

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Are X-Rays Giving You a Headache?

Let's face it, as much as x-rays have moved past films and physical copies into the digital world, they are still a headache for most practices. You can't live without them, but you still have to figure out how to take them, format them, use them, and store them. And though that doesn't involve file cabinets full of manilla folders anymore, it can still mean servers and IT hassles. 

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