It’s no secret that dentistry is not an industry that can easily comply with social distancing, but this hasn’t stopped cloud based dental software users from staying functional. Users of cloud based dental software were more prepared for the current COVID-19 national emergency than those using server-based dental software or paper files.

Was this your experience: struggling to contact patients because of no access to their information outside of the office?

Did all collections come to a halt, again because of no access to information outside of the office?

Here are the ways tab32 is helping offices stay up and running during this time:


tab32 Releases

We immediately released a COVID-19 widget, so customers could access features such as mass email and text message from the first screen they enter on, making communication as efficient as possible.

COVID-19 Widget

Things are changing every hour right now; server based software companies don’t have the ability to implement fast acting updates.

Remote Work

tab32 is cloud based; this allows our customers to have their staff work from home, ensuring those staff are better protected from contracting COVID-19 or passing it on. For examples:

  • Front desk staff can answer calls from home and reschedule patients right from their couch. 
  • Billers can send claims from their dining table and contact patients about past bills. Our online payment tool makes it simple for them to quickly send the patient a link to pay. They don’t have to take bank card information over the phone, and it's convenient for the patient. 

Online Booking

After all the rescheduling of non-emergency procedures, this is the best time to encourage patients to book appointments in the coming months, so when the office can finally reopen, there will be a fully stacked schedule. tab32 makes this very easy by offering online booking.

Our practices can simply send out their online booking link and let patients pick a time that is best for them!

Check out this video explaining more about this feature:

Patient Communication

It is crucial to be able to communicate with patients in a time like this. With a complete platform, tab32 dentists and their staff have access to all the patients’ records, radiographs and billing information  when communicating. 

No one expected a global pandemic. No one expected to be forced to stay home. No one knew COVID-19 was going to shut down the world, but it's always important to be ready for a disaster (click here to see short-term solutions to help now, if you didn't have a Disaster readiness plan before this crisis).

Cloud based dental software, such as tab32’s platform,  makes your practice nimble in uncertainty or in the face of a disaster. These are examples of how advanced technology can help dentists put their patients first. 

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