A Full Schedule on Opening Day for Your New Dental Practice? Yes, It’s Possible!

April 20, 2023 | 3 min read

There’s a lot to juggle when you open a new dental practice. While you must focus on the “here and now” like buying equipment, hiring staff, and renting the ideal office location, you should also think ahead: How can you start attracting patients and scheduling them so you can become productive from day one?

Of course, you can’t expect to open your door and hope that people will come piling into your office. But you can pave the way to success by starting your marketing and promotional effort a few months before the grand opening to generate buzz, build traction, and fill your schedule.

Sounds like a tall order? It’s actually quite easy when you have the right strategy supported by the right tools. Here’s how a new practice owner started using tab32 six months before their grand opening to stack their schedule and make the opening day a great success.

Start Staff Training Early

While tab32 is intuitive and easy to use, giving your staff enough time to familiarize themselves with the tool and workflows in a non-stressful environment is always a good idea. We offer a wealth of training materials your employees can use to learn their way around the platform in no time.

The more comfortable your staff is with the software, the more likely they can deliver a seamless patient experience to make a positive first impression to keep people returning to your practice. Giving them the time to learn the tool is a good investment in ensuring smooth operations and patient satisfaction from day one!

Promote the New Practice

One of our new practice owners started using Google Ads to promote their new business a few months before opening day. They used geotargeting to reach prospects in the area around the office to get the most out of their marketing dollars. 

Invest in creating compelling ad copy to drive high-quality traffic. Use analytics to see what works and what doesn't to improve metrics such as click-through rates and conversion rates. You can also add urgency to prompt action and drive conversions by promoting a limited-time or quantity offer.

Set Up Online Appointment Booking

Getting people to click on your ads is great, but you must strike the iron while it’s hot — get them to book an appointment! Our new practice owner put tab32’s HelloPatient online appointment booking link in their Google Ads and configured the scheduling software so people can only book visits on or after their start date. Using this strategy, they have a full schedule on their opening day! 

Of course, online booking isn’t just for stacking the schedule for your grand opening. It’s essential for capturing more business by allowing people to book an appointment at their convenience any time with just a few clicks — a great way to attract new patients and scale your practice.

Keep Patients Engaged Until Opening Day

Getting people to book a visit is great, but you must ensure that they attend the appointment — which can be particularly challenging if the opening day is a few weeks away. Patient engagement is the name of the game, and the good news is that you can automate it with HelloPatient’s communication features.

For example, you can send automated appointment confirmations and reminders via text and emails after people book their visits. You can also include links to e-forms for them to fill out their information prior to the appointment to shorten wait time, reduce errors, and increase their commitment to show up. 

Pave the Way to Success with tab32

Choosing the right cloud dental software is key to running an efficient and profitable practice. tab32 is an all-in-one solution that gives you all the tools you need to build and scale your practice with a predictable monthly fee. Besides online booking and patient communications, you can manage EHRs, X-ray images, claim submissions, and more all in one place.

Request a demo to see how we can help you set your new practice up for success from day one.

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