Maximize Your Production with the Right Dental Software

Kiltesh Patel
December 22, 2017 | 2 min read

maximize your production with the right dental softwareIn a previous post, we covered some of the key things your dental practice software should do. One of the key things we danced around but didn't mention specifically was how the right software will maximize your production. This directly translates to the bottom line of your practice, and likely your job satisfaction as well.

A lot of the benefits to your production come from the ways the right software streamlines processes in your office—making it easier and less time consuming to bill, chart, and communicate with your patients.

For example, a comprehensive dental practice software will make billing both patients and insurance companies routine and simple. This lessens the strain on your office staff and also makes it more likely that you'll get paid in a timely manner. Additionally, managing multiple claims and pre-authorizations for insurance companies should be easy to track. The more on top your practice is on these billing tasks, the better your cash flow and productivity.

Charting patient treatments accurately and efficiently also allow for great practice productivity. This is due not only to efficient appointments that allow for more volume, but accurate records allow for you to make strategic follow-ups for patients who have incomplete treatments. 

The right practice software allows for clear, regular, and convenient communication with patients. This builds loyalty, along with reminders for recall and incomplete treatments that bring those patients back in. And, like we've said before, bringing in existing patients is a much less expensive patient acquisition than getting new patients!

But those aren't the only ways the right software helps maximize your production. At tab32, we've created a dashboard that helps you see right where your practice is financially. We've included comprehensive patient, daily and financial dashboards with over 50+ graphs to track new and returning patients, referrals, demographics, production, collections, providers, treatments, and much more. You'll be able to set monthly and seasonal goals to track weekly, monthly, annual and year-over-year key metrics. 

Forget jumping from your practice software into your bookkeeping software and trying to make sense out of programs that don't talk to each other. We've got all the answers in one handy, cloud-based dental software. See how our solution could maximize your new dental practice from the get-go.


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