Is Your Dental Practice Software Secure?

Kiltesh Patel
April 6, 2018 | 2 min read

Is Your Dental Practice Software Secure?When it comes to your dental practice, you can't take any risks with your data and security. Do you know how secure your dental practice software is? Do you trust your vendor(s) to keep your practice data AND your patient information safe? And if you're not thinking about if your software is secure, you should be.

There are a lot of layers to keeping your information secure, from the ways you physically keep your building and devices safe to the adequate training of your staff to the software itself. Let's talk a little bit about the software specifically, and how you can ensure your critical practice data is as safe as possible.

Password safety

We're sure you've heard all about it, but you need to be really careful with your passwords. It's not safe to reuse, share, or be too casual with passwords. Hackers are smart and can be sophisticated, but they also will go for what's easy—so don't be that. Randomly generate unique passwords, and change them regularly.

tab32's uses Google authentication to ensure the login to your data is as safe as possible. This layer of security offers you all the budget and engineering Google has as just one of the ways we protect our clients. So, as you work with your software provider, find out what they use and how they're keeping your critical information safe.

More software, more opportunity to be a victim

We know many practices use a variety of software systems to run their day to day operations. This is fine, and often necessary, but it also makes you more vulnerable. Especially if you're reusing passwords! The more streamlined your dental practice management system, the less you have to worry about being compromised or keeping track of passwords.

Additionally, many kinds of software have to be updated regularly. These upgrades frequently have to do with security patches and to address new types of breaches. More software, more upgrading. That's a lot of energy, effort, and money to keep all that up to date.

Certifications and compliance

Finally, is the software you're using HIPAA certified? Did you even ask? You have to. It's key to your safety as a practice to be fully compliant. If you aren't, you are exposed to legal liabilities and more. You'll also want to find out what kind of security they use to protect your data. (We've written about our system here.)

Want to learn more about our complete dental practice technology solution? We'd love to show you a demo and help you streamline your office software. One login, one password, one system to keep you productive, profitable, and protected.

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