Is Your Dental Practice Software a Time Sucker or a Time Saver?

Kiltesh Patel
December 29, 2017 | 3 min read

Is your dental practice software a time sucker or a time saverOne of the things you're undoubtedly looking for in your dental practice software is something smooth and efficient—a tool that makes your job easier. So often, we see software that isn't a tool to make things easier, it makes things harder! Instead of working with an instinctive flow that fits into your office's day to day tasks, it's clunky, hard to use, and ends up requiring changes to the way you are doing things.

Let's look at a few ways software can sneakily suck your time if you aren't looking out for it:

Training and startup

Regardless of your level of comfort with software, you're not the only one using your practice software. Not to mention if you have separate systems for patient communication, time tracking, bookkeeping, and EHR, you're looking at a slippery slope of training for users. How long will it take you to onboard your current employees? What about new employees? What about yourself?

We're willing to bet you don't want to spend hours (and the salary) to train your staff to use the software tools integral to their jobs! It's realistic to expect to invest time into training for new software, but it shouldn't take days.

This goes for setting up and starting with new software as well. Legacy programs often include days of setup time. Who has time for that?! It involves a technician coming to your site to set up, then additional days of training for you and your staff to be able to competently use the system. A good tool doesn't take that much work to get started, you should be nearly up and running after a brief training and setup.

Maintenance and upgrades

When it comes to software, especially dental office software that handles sensitive information like EHR, upgrades and maintenance are key. Many of these upgrades include security updates that keep you and your patients safe. However, these updates shouldn't take your practice offline for any period of time. For example, online software like tab32 takes care of all security and maintenance in the middle of the night, ensuring your practice can run safely and consistently during your work days. 

Historically, legacy systems include days of upgrades, not to mention additional costs for paying for the upgraded software! Then, you may be back at our previous point, more training to get going with the newest version of the software. All adds up to more time and money spent on a tool that should be saving you both, not costing both!

Day-to-day processes

Finally, this is where the time really adds up. Think about what it costs you, time-wise and staff-wise, if you add 5-10 minute or more per patient due to poor software? Depending on your patient load, you can be paying a LOT for ineffective and inefficient tools. When you opt for a software solution that is quick, responsive, and easy to access and use, you'll save your time, staff time, and patient time.

We'd love to show you how tab32 can be your best teammate when it comes to productivity, effectiveness, and patient satisfaction. Sign up for a demo today!



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