An Efficient Dental Practice Means More Productivity

Kiltesh Patel
April 10, 2018 | 3 min read
An Efficient Dental Practice Means More Productivity

We understand the line you have to walk in your practice. You have to see enough patients to make a profit, without making the patients feel like they're in a factory. Nothing could be worse for you, your staff, and your patients than being rushed through every day watching the clock and pushing patients through. That's not what you want, and it's definitely not what your patients want.

But how can you meet your productivity needs and make a profit while still treating each patient as an individual? The answer is efficiency. Ensuring your practice runs at maximum efficiency is how you can have the best of both worlds: productivity and patient relationships.

Building systems and policies

Think about your office. When you onboard a new patient, is it exactly the same process every time? OR does it depend on the time of day, who's in the office, and who the patient is? And, even if it is the same, is that documented so that it's easy for someone to step into that role temporarily or permanently?

It may seem like all these little processes will take more time to document than it does to do them. But, if you multiply the number of times you do them in a year by how long it takes, they really add up. Then, when you add in the time used by someone who has to go back and make corrections, you have more time. Not to mention the time and energy it takes to keep training someone to do the job. See how creation and documentation of systems will end up saving you time?

Saving time for your staff means more efficiency. It means you can see more patients and you can give each of them the individual attention they want. With limited mistakes.

Using the right tools

You know how most injuries are created by a dull knife rather than a sharp one? Or the saying measure twice, cut once? They're all getting to the same lesson: using the right tools and taking care in how you use them saves a lot of time and energy. From the lighting and chairs in your office to the drills, x-ray sensors, and other tools you use, there's the right tool for every job.

And it doesn't stop with the actual dental work! Printers, computers, alarms, cleaning companies, HR software, even your lawyer and CPA fall into this same bucket. You want the right people and the right tools. The better they are for their job, the more efficiently you can process patients, pay taxes, clean your office, and more. Everything boils down to doing this the right way the first time, and with the least resistance.

Streamlining your software

One place you can save a lot of time and be really efficient is in the software you use to run your practice. Many systems out there claim to be an all-in-one solution. Often, this isn't the case. You'll need additional vendors to process credit cards, insurance claims and attachments, x-rays, and even reputation management. At tab32, we've created a solution that is truly the only EHR and technology platform you need. 

Reduce training, on-boarding, maintenance and more with a system that is truly comprehensive. From EHR to patient communication, tab32 offers everything you need for a successful dental practice. Our cloud-based dental practice software makes it easy and efficient for you to run your practice from anywhere

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