tab32 Launches Plug-and-Play Cloud Imaging for Dentists and Dental Practices

by Press Release, on July 25, 2022

tab32, the dental industry's #1 cloud technology platform, today announced the launch of Image Cloud, a game-changing new plug-and-play product that gives dental practices of all kinds immediate and cost-effective access to best-of-breed cloud-based image management, regardless of their existing Practice Management Systems, X-Ray Sensors and Camera hardware. Image Cloud is powered by tab32’s flagship cloud solution for dental practices, which is already used by the country’s premiere DSOs to manage over 100 million radiology X-rays and deliver better care to 9 million patients. 

Compatible with all major dental sensors, and accessible from any computer, smartphone, or tablet, Image Cloud enables dental businesses to access the full array of cloud imaging capabilities at a fraction of the price. Users can seamlessly annotate radiographic images from within the Image Cloud system, saving time and making important notes accessible to all dental caregivers. Images can also be easily rotated, zoomed, mirrored, and edited to identify the right care protocols, or enhanced with filters to sharpen, improve contrast, and make it easier to educate patients. Built-in measurement tools also make it easier to interpret dental images, understand abnormalities, measure root depths and angles, and plan effective treatments.

Using a simple, consumer-style e-commerce portal, practices and Dental Service Organizations (DSOs) can purchase and install Image Cloud with just a few clicks, with no need to fret about compatibility issues and no need to replace or reconfigure existing software or hardware. The low-cost solution makes it incredibly fast and easy to access tab32’s cutting-edge cloud technology and deploy it fast to drive collaboration and efficiency across the dental business, even in cases where practice locations use mutually incompatible legacy PMS and data management tools.

“At tab32, we’re committed to democratizing access to cloud-based dental software for dental practices, while also supporting small businesses & DSOs as they seek to streamline their operations across networks of practices with legacy PMS and sensor infrastructure,” said Kiltesh Patel, tab32 CEO. “With Image Cloud, we’re giving dental businesses the ability to benefit from the power of tab32’s incredible cloud solution without giving up their existing software or hardware. This is an incredible step forward for dental cloud-tech adoption and will bring compelling and cost-effective efficiency gains and operational benefits to dental businesses of all kinds.”

Drawing on its experience migrating over 1,000 dental practices to its cloud solutions, tab32’s engineers have developed a pioneering new system that enables dental practices and DSOs to adopt cloud solutions with no need for costly and time-consuming onboarding and technological migration. Image Cloud is designed from the ground up to support rather than supplant existing PMS and sensors, giving all dental businesses an easy and low-cost way to capture the benefits of cloud technologies.

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