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#1 Dental Practice
Management Software
Innovating dental technologies to
provide a data driven approach to care

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Empowering Providers
While Digitizing The Patient Journey

A patient-first approach to an ever changing consumer market

Digital Patient Journey

Acquire New Patients
Acquire New Patients
  • Book Online New/Returning Patients
  • Two-Way Texts, Secure Email & VoIP
  • Family & Location Aware
  • Simple & Easy To Use e-Forms
Engage More Patients
Engage More Patients
  • Auto Reminders & Confirmations
  • Increased Clinical Efficiencies
  • AI Powered Radiology
  • Membership Plans + Surveys
Retain More Dental Patients
Retain More Dental Patients
  • Care Driven Revenue Discovery
  • Recare/Recall Automation
  • Treatment In Progress SMS
  • Year-End Insurance Automation

Why tab32?

tab32's strategic planning and team of health care visionaries is bringing dental the next generation of technology. tab32's comprehensive practice management platform address patients' needs across the care continuum.

Empowering providers with integrated patient communication, e-forms, automize payments, imaging etc. Most importantly tab32 challenges the status quo by offering the industry's ONLY cloud-based open data warehouse.


Quality Care Results In
Growth & Efficiencies

Care MUST be delivered consistently across the care continuum
in order to acquire, engage and retain patients.
tab32 has $500 Million of a running revenue rate flowing through platform annually
with over 1+ million dental patient engagements monthly and scaling rapidly.


Dental Practice Management Software

1995 2010


  • Single-tenant
  • Extreme slowness at scale
  • 5+ vendors needed to address needs of the care continuum
  • Inefficient updates and maintenance
  • Expensive IT support needed
  • Higher risk of ransomware

WEB 1.0

  • Often hosted or co-located single-tenant/ on-prem systems
  • Creates extreme slowness through VPN or co-locations
  • 5+ vendors needed for needs of the care continuum
  • Inefficient maintenance
  • Expensive IT support and backup required


  • Multi-tenant platform
  • Must have been developed within the last 7-8 years; anything older is likely Web 1.0
  • No tech debt
  • Efficient, built for scale & fast
  • tab32 is machine learning ready
  • All in one: patient communication PMS, billing and radiology

Enterprise Ready Platform

Group 11
Group 29 (1)
Group 13

CEO, COO, CFO & CTO Need Growth, Efficiency and Scale

tab32’s expertise empowers executives with consistent data insights, business intelligence and robust GAAP reporting

Future Forward
Patient Experiences

With our eye on the future tab32 centers the patient and provider experience with every workflow and build

Meets Multi-Level Enterprise Needs

tab32's practice management solution directly meets the functional needs of the providers, practice managers, staff members and regional directors

Are You Ready? We are!

Historically dental technologies have been limited by on-prem solutions that only address a single practice cash-based business model. An enterprise solution to practice management and business insights has to meet the needs at a practice level, a regional level and executive level.

Executives have an array of challenges; CEOs are focused on growth, COOs on efficiency and CFOs need consistent data insights, while CTOs need comprehensive scalable platforms. tab32 is the only platform that understands and is addressing these needs.

Seamless Change Management

tab32 expert migration team has migrated millions of patient records.
Our proprietary technologies allow for never before seen data flexibility

Data Migration
Data Migration
tab32 migrations are customized to our clients. Our migrations match penny to penny patient ledger, note templates, provider notes, document and radiology. Our dynamic reports are designed for data clean-up and revenue recovery
Learning Management System
Learning Management System
tab32's learning management system takes a role-based approach to training. The goal isn't to simply train on the platform it is to empower providers and staff to optimize operational excellence
White Glove Experience
White Glove Experience
Every group and practice is unique in process, approach and strategy, a cookie cutter approach to implementation under minds business and care goals. Our trainer's methodology is customized to the growing need of enterprise clients
Rollout Strategy
Rollout Strategy
tab32 customer success team is dedicated to your change management success. Our train the trainer experts guide you and your group with a customer success coach, a trainer, migration engineers and technical support for initial set-up
The all-in-one cloud platform delivers comprehensive & engaging patient experiences through the entire value chain of care, allowing dental practices to achieve long-term sustainable growth & profitability.

Need More Reasons?

Dental Practice Management Software designed for today's
business challenges and agility

Easy to use
Easy To Use
Intuitive user interface with contextual features; just one-click away form wherever you are in the software
Any device anywhere
Any Device Anywhere
Use any desktop, tablet or mobile devices from any location from home to urgent follow-ups while traveling
Single multi location
Single/Multi Location
The multi-tenant system which provides a solution for single or shared patient database needs across many locations
Solo Practice
Solo Practice
Everything you need for an independent solo practitioner wanting to run their business like pro large group practices
School-based mobile
School-based Mobile
School or Speciality location based programs have access to PMS along with custom reporting like number of carries or treatments
DSO & Groups
DSO & Groups
Centralize your processes, appointments, plans & fees management, reporting & analytics all at one place. Suitable for practices of all sizes
Clod Based Imaging
Cloud-based Imaging
Cloud connected Imaging Studio with off-line image taking feature along with auto-syncing like Google Drive or Dropbox
Live Dashboard
Live Dashboard
Analytics at your finger tips with real-time measuring of production and collections per sq. ft., new patient acquisition cost, etc.
Easy Customizable
Easily Customizable
Pre-define progress & auto notes, communication templates, e-form fields for patient history and registration forms, etc.
Success Coach
Success Coach
A personal customer onboarding expert will guide you through migration, training, follow-ups and all other support needs
Personalised training
Personalized Training
The trainer will develop customized processes for your practice training depending upon size, location, etc.
Outstanding support
Outstanding Support
The customer support will resolve your ticket on live calls or within same business day depending on the priority

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