Why Your Practice Needs tab32's Cloud-Based EHR

Kiltesh Patel
December 20, 2017 | 2 min read

Why Your Practice Needs tab32's Cloud-Based EHRAt tab32, we're so sure you need our cloud-based EHR system for your dental practice, we want you to have it. Our software combines the best features all on a cloud-based platform to give you access to the patient records you need to give great service and grow your practice.

Benefits of using a cloud-based EHR

Being able to access your practice's EHR from wherever you have internet allows you to work from anywhere. Using the cloud means you can answer patient questions or address emergencies using tab32 on your tablet at home. You'll be flexible in where and when you can assist your patients.

Additionally, a cloud-based EHR offers a level of security you can't offer with an on-site legacy system in your practice. Administered by software professionals and utilizing bank-level security, cloud-based systems give you peace of mind. Taking the security off-site also frees you from worrying about updates and keeping your data safe.

Designed for busy dental practices

tab32's EHR offers a range of features that help you get the most out of your time with each patient. That doesn't mean you are a factory, it just means that you can be informed, thorough, and give each of your patients a great experience. Not only will you have their records at your fingertips, you (and your staff) will have the ability to chart each visit efficiently and accurately.

Beyond charting, you'll be able to communicate treatment plans to patients and help them make decisions about their oral health. You can even record patient consent with an electronic signature.

One secure place for all your patient info

Our ImageCapture module to capture and upload x-rays, attach info, referrals, and other information right into your patients' files. You and your staff will have everything you need for each patient, on hand, and all accessible and protected in the cloud.

We also added alerts and notes to the patient profiles. These non-intrusive alerts allow staff to see medical, allergy, and medication alerts quickly and easily for each patient.

We want you to have a great experience treating patients and spending time on what really matters. That's why tab32 is intuitive and built just for your new dental practice


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