Why Your Dental Practice Should Switch to Cloud-Based Dental Software

Kiltesh Patel
April 22, 2019 | 4 min read

From hardware failures to Trojan viruses to natural disasters, there are countless ways your confidential patient data can be put at risk. With cyber crime and identityACS_0009 theft on the rise, it has never been more important to ensure your practice’s data is safe and secure.

According to Forbes, 83 percent of dental and healthcare organizations report that they’re using cloud-based software applications, and most companies will rely on the cloud in the near future. There are many benefits to switching to cloud-based dental software, including not having to maintain an expensive server onsite, being able to access your data from anywhere, securing your data from loss and hardware failure, automatic data backups, and streamlining daily administrative tasks and patient communication.

Here are five ways cloud dental software can improve your dental practice's patient care, efficiency, and profitability.   

Cloud-based dental software: An all-in-one solution for a secure and efficient dental practice

  • Save time and resources with a secure remotely managed server

Rather than storing your dental practice data locally on a computer in your dental office, cloud dental software copies, encrypts, and stores your data remotely on multiple cloud-based servers in a data center. This allows you to access, retrieve, and restore patient dental records from any device at any time — including on mobile. If your patient’s data is stored on the cloud, all you need to do is log in from any computer to access it

  • Secure your data from hardware failure, viruses, and natural disasters  

What would happen if your dental practice had a flood or a fire? All of those paper charts and your computers could be destroyed. When all of your practice’s data is hosted on a secure remotely managed server instead of locally on your office’s computer, hardware failure, viruses, and natural disasters will not harm your confidential patient data. With easy restorability and encrypted data, cloud-based dental software can give you the peace of mind of knowing that no matter what happens your data is secure.

  • Reduce the risk of human error with automatic backups

A good cloud-based backup system will have a reliable process for recovering and resetting your data. Cloud service providers (CSPs) are run by IT professionals. That means they will most often know about a problem before you do. You don't have to wait for someone to come to your office and get things back up and running. Your CSP will keep everything running smoothly and deal with any issues or breaches before you notice anything amiss.

  • Ensure your dental practice is HIPAA-compliant

Cloud dental software holds all of your employees’ credentials and is enforced with security requirements that comply with HIPAA.  The remote server creates the required audit logs for HIPAA, such as logins and logoffs to each of the computers, and any activity that a user has conducted on the file system. This ensures all of your dental practice’s data is HIPAA-compliant.

At tab32, unlike other cloud-based dental software providers who use their own servers, our cloud provider is routinely audited by outside parties to ensure they meet the highest rated security standards, including SOC 2 and ISO 27001.

  • Streamline daily administrative tasks and patient communication

Cloud dental software gives your dental practice the ability to go paperless and streamline appointments, patients’ records, imaging, clinical records, and patient forms. With centralized reporting and scheduling, your patient data can be connected to multiple office locations via a single database. And you can access it all through an intuitive interface that makes it easy to see your patients’ full treatment history.

tab32’s popular patient communication system HelloPatient features online appointment booking and requesting for new patients, 2-way texting within EHRs, online patient consent forms, secured messages, reminders, and birthday messages.


Using cloud dental software can reduce inefficiencies, improve your patient experience, and ensure that your dental practice’s information is safe and secure. Working in the healthcare industry – dental providers have access to a lot of confidential information about all of their patients. It goes without saying that you have a duty to protect this information and make sure it is securely accessed and stored.

A cloud-based software system provides your dental practice with a strong technology foundation that enhances patient care, efficiency, profitability, and security. tab32 is the only complete cloud-based dental software solution for your dental practice of any size. But you don’t have to take our word for it — sign up for a demo today.

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