What is Dental EHR? What Can it Do?

Kiltesh Patel
February 22, 2018 | 2 min read

What is Dental EHR? What Can it Do?There's a lot of conversation about EHR and dental EHR, but do you understand what dental EHR does? It's more than just keeping track of patients' teeth and treatment. A good cloud-based dental software can help you run a productive, successful dental practice. When you add the convenience of the cloud, you can have a suite of software that is an effective tool.

Start a great experience before they come to your office

The right EHR can set your patients on a path to a close relationship with your practice. By offering online scheduling, online history forms, and two-way texting, you can facilitate that relationship. When you start building that relationship before they even come in, you're extending the influence you have in keeping them as a patient. The happier they are, the better it is for your practice overall. Bet you didn't even think an EHR could do that!

Give patients a smooth in-office experience

From the moment they walk in the door, your EHR can make the difference in their appointment. If the system is efficient, reliable, and works for you and your staff, the better that appointment will be. You'll stay on time, give good treatments, and your staff will be happy that they don't have to fight with technology all day. 

It's more than just a record-keeping tool, it can really be the difference between good office visits, and terrible office visits. 

Stay in contact and bring them back again and again

Don't just treat them and let them walk out the door! The least expensive patient to get in your chair is the one who's been in before. A good EHR will help you follow-up with incomplete treatments, remind them about recall, and even wish them a happy birthday. Keeping in touch with them is key to building a strong practice. But you can't leave that up to chance, you need a system in place. And the right dental EHR is just the tool for the job.

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