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Beware Fake Cloud Dental Software – Draw the Impostors Out!

Have you seen a fake iPhone? Imitation iPhones look real until you use it and find its function is nowhere near a real iPhone. 

Why bring this up? Over the years, many legacy dental practice management vendors have started hosting their existing antiquated software using legacy products like Citrix, and tricking customers that they are receiving a "cloud solution". Like the fake iPhone, these antiquated cloud-hosted practice management systems fall short in user experience and accessibility compared to true cloud based systems.

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How tab32 Ensures Practice Security and HIPAA Compliance

Do you know the level of security of your cloud-based dental software? Are their servers internal or do they use a vendor with additional security measures? Are they audited regularly by outside agencies to ensure the highest level of security? Are they SOC 2 certified? Do you even know? 

The bottom line is that you're trusting them with your sensitive, HIPAA-protected data and you need to know. And it's okay to ask and be picky about the answers you get. At tab32, your security is paramount and we're happy to answer any questions you have about your data's security.

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How Cloud EHR Protects Your Patients and Your Practice

In our last few posts, we've talked a bit about cloud security and the benefits of cloud-based dental software. We chose the cloud for our dental practice management software for a number of reasons, from saving money to convenience, cybersecurity to patient retention, the cloud makes running your new dental practice easier.

Let's talk about how utilizing cloud-based EHR protects your patients and your practice.

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Dental Practice Basics: Backup is Important, but Cloud is Better

It seems like when you're starting out in a new dental practice, there are millions of things to know, do, and keep track of. Protecting your data should be a high priority for your practice right at the start. Recent current events should show that a secure data system and a reliable backup system is paramount to the success of your business.

60% of SMBs that lose their data will shut down within six months. ( Source)
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Dentist has data held for ransom – A shocking story you won’t believe

 In an article recently published by the California Dental Association they tell the shocking story of a California Dentist who gets a call from her IT guy telling her that her office server has been hacked and all her patient data has been locked. The only way to get it back is to pay a ransom to the hackers! This new crime uses what is now being called “ransomware”. The hackers break into your system and lock all your important files. Your data and your practice is held hostage until you pay a ransom. Some versions of this story are even more dramatic where the hackers only give you 72 hours to pay or all your data will be erased. The typical ransom can be up to $500. Authorities don’t seem to have any power to you help recover your data. The only advice given is to not pay the ransom.  But then what?!

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This common 1.5 Million dollar risk you may be taking with your practice will shock you!

When we speak to dental practice owners about their patient records, they usually say the same thing, we are secured and HIPAA compliant. After a short conversation we usually find the same common holes in their system. It seems many practices have the same mentality when it comes to data back up and security. Most of the time this works…until it doesn’t. For those unfortunate few this can lead to a fine of up to $1.5 million. Few practices can survive that. Because most practices are in jeopardy there is a security in knowing you’re at risk but you’re not alone. In aviation this is known as the ‘big sky’ defense. This is the term some pilots use to calm nerves about mid-air collisions when flying in airspace that is not monitored by air traffic control. The thought is that it’s a big sky so it’s unlikely someone will hit us. That’s not exactly the most comforting thought when you’re 20,000 ft up. Luckily for us most commercial traffic is closely monitored and multiple systems are in place to protect us when we fly.

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