Save Time & Improve Patient Experience with eForms

Kiltesh Patel
May 30, 2018 | 3 min read

Save Time & Improve Patient Experience with eFormsIn our last post, we talked about killing your patient portal. These systems don't work for a large swath of the patient population, and they likely aren't worth your time to administrate them.

We understand the purpose and the ultimate goal of these portals. Your staff saves a lot of time when patients can input their own info right to their profile. You don't have to transcribe the handwritten forms, with all the accompanying headache (can you even read their writing?), and directly putting in the information is much more secure. Paper forms are easily copied or stolen. 

Additionally, patients can access their information in a secure manner, see their balances, schedule appointments, ask questions, and even pay their bills through a portal. But there's a big if: if they can navigate and even log in to the system. 

So how do you get all the benefits of a patient portal without the laundry list of issues that come with them?

Using eForms in your practice

A good software platform will give you the option of using eForms to collect patient information. Whether it's basic patient and insurance information, or a full health history, these forms can be a lifesaver for your staff. Many of your patients will like them too. Depending on their preference, a patient (or his mom) can fill out the form at their leisure. Whether it's the night before the appointment, or as they wait in the line for carpool, they may prefer to take care of that before they get to the office.

If not, there's flexibility with the forms. You can use them in-office as the patient waits. Either on a computer or a tablet, eForms are still practical and effective, even if patients are still filling them out in-office.

Using eForms for consent

When you have a custom eForm created for treatment consent, you can have a patient sign (paperlessly) their form right in the operatory. Your staff can use a tablet to explain the treatment and cost, then turn it over to the patient for an electronic signature. No paper is needed, no printing, no waiting. Everything is right there in front of the patient, and then all associated with their record when it's time for billing.

Does your dental software have eForms?

Not all dental software is created equal. If your practice management software doesn't offer customizable eForms, you could be wasting time and money. We'd love to show you how tab32's eForms work in tandem with the rest of our intuitive, affordable cloud-based dental software. Contact us today for a free demo!


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