Reclaiming "Lost" Revenue with Good Patient Communication

Kiltesh Patel
May 9, 2018 | 2 min read

T32_blog_post_sharing_v55When it comes to building a business, finding revenue wherever you can is what makes it successful. For a dental practice, revenue comes from patients. There are many ways to bring patients into your practice, but keeping them long-term is the most effective way to grow. Regular cleanings, check-ups, and completed treatments plans are key to this long-term relationship. But how do you keep patients coming back to you for their dental needs? And do you have the right dental software to help you do the job?

Automated recall

Lives are busy, people are busy, and families are no exception. When it comes to keeping everyone on track with regular cleanings and checkups, reminders can be really helpful. That's why ensuring you're helping folks remember it's time for their check-up keeps them coming back. How is your office tracking and reminding patients about their regular cleaning? What if you could automate the whole process? Save time and administrative efforts, all while keeping the patients coming back.

Finish treatment plans

A number of practices lose out on revenue due to incomplete treatment plans. Without finishing their treatments, patients not only are endangering their health, but dentists are missing out on revenue. When you've put in the work to get the patient into the office, completed a full check-up, and even have the approved treatment plan, the revenue from a completed plan has already been earned. Why leave that on the table? It's important to finish treatment plans—not only does your patient need to complete the treatment for their well-being, if patients don't finish, it could lead to even larger problems down the road.

Contact between cleanings

Building a strong relationship with your patients is part of building the practice. If they hear from you about cleanings, incomplete treatments, and even bills, but for no other reason, that's a pretty one-sided relationship! There are other ways and times to reach out to patients, and that includes their birthday. At tab32, we've included birthday messaging in our comprehensive communication and retention features. We want you to reach them in-between cleanings. The message will go a long way!

Want to learn more about building relationships and reclaiming this "lost" revenue? We'd love to show you have tab32's communication features can help you automate the processes to make it even easier. Contact us today for your FREE demo of our cloud-based dental software.


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