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Benefits of Already Knowing Your Exit Strategy When Opening Your New Practice

Planning an exit strategy may sound negative to some. “If business is good, why do I need to think about selling,” they might think. But, they don't realize that an exit strategy is more about preparing and optimizing for a good outcome rather than get out of a bad outcome.

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Are you Safeguarding Your Dental Practice Data?

Data breaches are costly to dental practices. According to a study sponsored by IBM Security and conducted by Ponemon Institute, data breaches cost the healthcare industry $380 per compromised record.

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Why Your Dental Practice Should Switch to Cloud-Based Dental Software

From hardware failures to Trojan viruses to natural disasters, there are countless ways your confidential patient data can be put at risk. With cyber crime and identity theft on the rise, it has never been more important to ensure your practice’s data is safe and secure.

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Top 5 Online Brand Setup For Starting Or Acquiring Your New Dental Practice

If you’re wondering whether you need to establish an online presence for your new dental practice, consider these statistics:

Buying a Dental Practice vs Starting Your Own

To have your own dental practice is a dream, and one of the biggest business decision you will make in your life. Should you purchase an existing practice or build one from scratch?. That’s an important question to consider.

Top 5 Tips for Better Dental Website Design

In today’s world, where looks matter, having an ordinary website will serve no purpose to attract new patients. Research shows 94% of the individuals do not trust the brand whose website is not great.

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The State of Dental Technology for Dental Practice Management Software in 2019

In the last few years, advancements in technology has caused dramatic transformations to the dental industry. Presently, there are numerous new dental technologies that offer state-of-the-art solutions to most of the traditional dental problems.

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The Importance of Mobile, Online Dental Software in Dentistry

Are you looking to improve your dental service by making it more easily accessible and affordable to you and your patients? Do you want an effective alternative to manage all your important data in a safe and convenient place? Then mobile based dental service is one of your best options.

Combined with cutting-edge cloud technology, it can play a significant role in your dental practice. Cloud Dental Software solutions can help you manage your services more efficiently. They also help you communicate with your patients better and offer a more cost-effective solution to the traditional dental practice.

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How Cloud Technology is Disrupting the Dental Industry

The emergence of cloud technology has transformed businesses across many sectors, and the dental industry is no exception.

With the advancements in technology, it is becoming critical for dentists to move with the times and reap the benefits, and using cloud based dental software is proving to be essential for taking their practices to the next level.

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Key Dental KPI for a Profitable Practice

What's the most important KPI for your dental practice? What are the numbers and figures you should be tracking to grow your practice and your bottom line? Let's be honest, you didn't get into dentistry to give all that hard work away for free. You're here to build a business, create jobs, and give back to the community. You can't do those things if your business isn't succeeding. At tab32, we've created a dashboard to help you track your KPIs from anywhere you are. Let's take a look:

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