Overcome the Barriers of Patient Communication in Your Dental Practice

Kiltesh Patel
March 30, 2018 | 2 min read

Overcome the Barriers of Patient Communication in Your Dental PracticePatients have busy lives. Routine cleanings, treatment follow-ups, and more fall to the bottom of the list. It can be hard for your practice to set an appointment, let alone get them into the office! This effect is compounded if you have a larger practice, more patients, multiple sites, or a mobile office. It's harder to keep track of everyone when they're all over the place.

We know it takes patients in your chairs for you to stay profitable. We also know how valuable each patient is to your practice. It's much more expensive to acquire new patients than it is to keep the ones you have. Putting the systems and tools in place to regularly communicate with current patients is key to growing your practice. Here are a few ways tab32's cloud-based dental software can help:

2-way texting

Many offices text appointment reminders to their patients. They can even confirm appointments. At tab32, our texting capabilities do more. We give your office a local phone number, so calls and texts are recognizable. Patients can also text you back. You can answer questions and more right through text, without anyone having to pick up a phone call. And all the communication is documented right in the patient's record, all in our cloud software.

Online history forms

Streamline your patients' visits and your records with online history forms. Whether patients fill them out at home before they come, or if they use tablets in your office, it's quick, easy, and saves time for you and them. These forms are secure and go right into their records on our all-in-one EHR. Notate any allergies or health issues that will show up as alerts each time you access their record. Don't make a mistake or frustrate patients when you have to keep asking them their history. It's all right there in your system.

Appointment confirmations, reminders, and save the date messages

Ensure appointments are made and kept. All in one place. Patients can confirm through text or email, and all communications are again logged in their patient record. Reduce no-shows, increase recall, and keep your practice running with lots of contact between you and your patients. Don't let anyone fall through the cracks and ensure everyone has completed all their treatments.

There are many more features that tab32 has created to make communicating with your patients easy. Contact us today for a free demo so we can who you everything tab32 can do for you and your dental practice.

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