New Product Review: Improve Office Communications with the Cloud based dental software

Kiltesh Patel
February 10, 2015 | 1 min read

 Cloud based dental software is all the rage these days due to its efficiency, safety and low cost. Aiming to help improve communication within the busy practice, AllProWebTools combines multiple business management tools into one. This company looks to address some of the office needs such as Web hosting, ecommerce, client databases, marketing tools, accounting, time cards by making all these available in one dashboard. All of this information gets posted into a live feed timeline so everyone in the office is up to date.

This tool allows the entire office, Dentists, assistants, receptionists and others to easily communicate without scheduling meetings. AllProWebTools also can help with your external communications as well including web hosting, email marketing and blogging.

Any small practice who is looking to grow knows the importance of marketing strategy. According to the company blog these small business tools are good for many different industries not just Dentistry. Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Barbers and Nail Salons all struggle with the same issues and can benefit from a workflow timeline. Finding new customers and keeping your current customers coming back to you is fundamental to growth. This service looks to use the power of the web to improve your bottom line.

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