New Product Review: Bring your customer appreciation to your patients smart phone

Kiltesh Patel
February 5, 2015 | 1 min read


As smart phones and tablets become more ubiquitous, companies and patients are eager to use this new tool to deliver better service and save money. We’ve discussed the virtues cloud based dental software in this blog before. One of the newest companies in the dental market has found a different way to capitalize on this trend. Just launched last year eTrove is a unique customer appreciation system designed specifically for the smart phone. Here’s how it works. When a patient shows up in your office they simply scan their phone and receive points they can redeem for gifts from a variety of national brands. Additionally, patients can earn more points by promoting your practice on social media. Each time they visit you or repost/retweet your content they get more points. Think of this as your marketing dollars being used to increase patient retention and increase your social presence. According to company representatives, the app has had a 100% retention rate on users’ phones and a single eTrove client has generated $54,000 in profit in the first quarter alone, based on referrals received through the app. That’s a whopping 535% ROI!

Office administrators can customize eTrove through a web-based portal that manages prize catalogs, points, and redemption values. Easy reporting and statistics give you an unprecedented view into the status of referrals, new patient acquisition, and per patient spend. This give valuable visibility into referrals, retention, social media interactions and revenue generated for each dollar invested.

eTrove appears to be an interesting new product to consider for dental practices looking to get more than a traditional loyalty program and to increase patient engagement.

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