Mobile Dental Practice? You Need Mobile Software

Kiltesh Patel
March 16, 2018 | 3 min read

T32_blog_post_sharing_v43.pngThere are a lot of ways that a dental practice needs to be "mobile". Whether it's a dentist hitting the road to visit schools, daycare centers, or even workplaces (a dentist who comes to me? Yes please!) or a hygienist with a regular rotation of offices, moving around that much means you need to have access on the road.

Additionally, many practices have more than one site—or would like to grow in that direction. No matter how your practice is set up, many can benefit from software that isn't only accessible in one office at a time.


If you are relying on a traditional software for your practice, you'll have trouble using it on the move. These site-based software programs store everything in your office and require you to be in that office to access anything. (Unless you use remote access, and we'll cover that next.) With cloud-based dental software from tab32, you'll be able to access all your practice and patient data from anywhere you have internet access. We've worked really hard to make our software look and work well from tablets, so you don't even need a computer. 

This is great for your patients, too. You can schedule follow-ups, communicate with them through the EHR for tracking purposes, and explain treatment plans. All while on the go without them having to wait for you to get back to the office.


You can't afford to have a security breach, and being on the go just adds more risk. You can't take chances with remote access to your office computers. Not only is that slow in ineffective, it's insecure and can lead to major problems. What you need is to be able to use a secure login to access all the data you need. We use Google to help us keep everything locked up tight—which is why you need a Google account to log in to tab32

Another variable that leaves you vulnerable to security difficulties is not keeping the software up to date. It can be easy when you're busy and on the go to ignore the updates, but the longer you do, the more you open yourself up to hackers. Our cloud-based software is always up to date, we do it for you. You can keep working away and not worry about your security.


The last thing you need to worry about when you're hustling from appointment to appointment is keeping all your software straight. You don't need to have one system for EHR, another for patient communication, and yet another for billing. Everything can be streamlined into one dental practice management software with one secure login. You'll be able to focus on your patients, building your business, and having a life outside of work. 

Want to learn more? We'd love to show you how your mobile practice (or the mobile parts of your practice) could benefit from tab32. Contact us today for your free demo!

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