Is Your Dental Practice Software REALLY Cloud-Based?

Kiltesh Patel
April 23, 2018 | 3 min read

Is Your Dental Practice Software REALLY Cloud-Based?We've talked a lot about the benefits of cloud-based dental software. We chose the cloud for building tab32 because we knew dentists and other staff would want a sleek, easy-to-access solution that replaces clunky, traditional options. As we all know, many of us rely on web-based applications to run our lives!

From email and calendars to our favorite magazines and even movies, not many of us are looking for options that mean we store information locally. Gone are the days of burning CDs, shelving video games, or even printing pictures. We're used to having everything at our fingertips—as long as we have internet access.

Built for the cloud

Many dental practice software providers were developed before the internet or cloud. These legacy or traditional systems run on a local server onsite at your practice. While many of these providers advertise their platform as being in the "cloud", it's really not. There may bits and pieces available on a web app or through a VPN, but the reality is that they are trying to use a Band-aid. 

Using the latest technology, tab32 is built for the cloud. Using Google as our cloud provider, we know our platform is 100% cloud-based. No exceptions. From the ground-up, we build a software solution that provides everything you need to run your practice without relying on local technology. Everything you put into tab32 is available from anywhere you have internet, on any device you have—even mobile.

No exceptions

We've heard of software providers out there who are "mostly" cloud-based. Many of their features are available in the cloud, but others like x-ray storage, rely on a local server to store and share images. Well, that's not really cloud-based, now is it? It may seem like not a huge deal, but when you still have to maintain some kind of local server or hardware to store and manage your x-rays and other images you're putting in a lot of work. All the issues that attend a local server/legacy system come along, even when it's "just" x-ray.

When you sign up for a technology platform that's "cloud-based", it should be 100% in the cloud. Any exception means all the issues, even if it's a small piece. Do yourself a favor and make sure your cloud-based software is all in.

Signs of a fake cloud

There are a few ways to tell if your software isn't 100% cloud-based, but the biggest sign is that you can't simply visit a website, log in, and use your software. You should be able to access from anywhere. If you can't, or have limited features, your software isn't cloud-based. Additionally, if you have to log in to a portal that is remote access to a machine in your office, that's not cloud-based either. 

Many companies are trying to convince users they have a cloud-based dental software, but it's simply not true. Or, they've bent the definition of cloud-based enough to say it, even if it's not 100% true. We can help. Contact us today and find out if your software really is cloud-based. If it's not, or you're looking for a different solutions, let us know. We'd love to show you tab32's fully cloud-based platform.


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