How We Are Innovating Dental Practice Software

Kiltesh Patel
March 28, 2018 | 2 min read

How We Are Innovating Dental Practice SoftwareWe started tab32 because we knew there was a better, more secure way to do cloud-based dental practice software. Many of the companies out there offering cloud-based software built their platforms by converting traditional, in-office software. By building ours as cloud software from the get-go, we've made it safe and easy for your office to rely on us.

A busy practice doesn't have time to keep up with multiple vendors. We know that a lot of these older software platforms don't have all the functionality modern practices need, so they work with third parties to fill in the gaps. This means clunky, complicated solutions that add additional costs.

tab32 works to innovate dental practice software to lead the way in how our all-in-one can help you build a productive and profitable practice.

We never settle

For years, we have continued to build and refine our software. While we are confident that our current platform is a great solution for your dental practice. But we also know it can be better. We are always working on more features, better security, more thorough training, more attentive customer service. It's never enough for us, we'll keep working.

Competing with ourselves

We know there are a number of software solutions out there for dental practices. There are many who are older than us, some newer, but we're not really paying too much attention to what they're doing. Our biggest competitor is ourselves, to do better and be better. If we get too stuck on what everyone else is doing, we won't be innovating, we'll be replicating.

Focus on what software CAN do

This is where we really innovate: to solve problems you don't know you have yet. Instead of stopping at the question: what should the software do? We dig deeper to "what could the software do?" How can we add, streamline, or adapt our features to help your practice grow? The answers we get are never good enough, and we keep pushing.

Leading the way

We don't want to be the ones following behind, trying to catch up. Our all-in-one, cloud-based software is already the only one on the market. We know that if we keep working, our competitors will be scrambling to offer the same features and solutions we have. It's not good enough for us to be one step ahead, we want to be miles ahead!

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