How Cloud Technology is Disrupting the Dental Industry

Kiltesh Patel
April 1, 2019 | 4 min read

The emergence of cloud technology has transformed businesses across many sectors, and the dental industry is no exception.boat-deep-ocean-idyllic-570987

With the advancements in technology, it is becoming critical for dentists to move with the times and reap the benefits, and using cloud based dental software is proving to be essential for taking their practices to the next level.


So, what is the cloud?

Essentially, cloud computing is the technique of making computing services—such as storage, software, and other IT resources—available over the Internet. The cloud is just used metaphorically to refer to the Internet.

So, instead of keeping your computing resources on your local computer’s hard drive or any other local storage device, a cloud-based software enables you to store them on a remote database and conveniently use web-based tools to access them.

Cloud technology in the dental industry

The adoption of cloud-based Dental Practice Software is causing enormous disruptions to the industry. The world of dentistry is accustomed to progression; for example, the advancements in dental braces or radiographic exams gives evidences that the industry is susceptible to adopting new ways of doing things.

And, the cloud technology is making significant inroads in the dental industry and changing how things are done.

Here are four main ways the cloud is transforming the dental industry.

1. Easy management of data

The dental industry usually generates a lot of data—from patients’ records, scheduling activities, documenting clinical notes, tracking finances, and many other sources. Managing such enormous data can be tough and can weigh down a dentistry’s resources.

However, cloud-based Dental Practice Management Systems (PMS) offer intuitive and simplified data management capabilities that improve the practice efficiency. A cloud dental software allows you to store, retrieve, process, and recover your data conveniently using just a few clicks.

For example, a cloud based dental software like tab32 provides an all-in-one solution that empowers you to manage your data without many hassles. You’ll get an easy to use web-based user interface for accessing your resources on-the-go, 24/7, and via any device of your choosing.

With cloud-based dental software programs, dentists do not need to dig through voluminous files kept at their offices in order to keep to their scheduled appointments, remember the treatment details of patients, or track other data.

2. Increasing competitive advantage

Dentists who have incorporated cloud computing into their practices have developed a competitive edge over their counterparts who are still trapped in the traditional ways of doing things. On-premise computing resources usually need extensive “stacking and racking”—setting up the hardware, configuring software, and many other laborious IT management tasks.

A Dental Practice Management Software deployed to the cloud eliminates the need for undertaking these time-consuming responsibilities, allowing you to spend time in providing the best and competitive dental care services that drive your practice’s growth.

With the cloud, you will not need to worry whether your computer is up-to-date with the latest patches or whether your IT staff can quickly restore functionality in case of software and hardware glitches.

Therefore, adopting cloud technologies is assisting the dental industry to enhance productivity and become competitive.

3. Improving security

One of the main concerns of dental practices is the security of data. Ensuring that the patients’ health records are kept private and secure is usually a top priority. Unfortunately, on-premise systems are incapable of offering the much-needed security because they are normally prone to theft, infringement by disgruntled employees, and other risks.

Most cloud providers provide a wide range of polices, technologies, and protective measures to solidify the security of their infrastructure. Therefore, a cloud dental software will assist in safeguarding your health care information from potential threats and ensure you maintain the privacy and confidentiality of your practice.

Another way the innovative cloud technology is causing disruptions in the dental industry is through saving costs. Moving to a digital, cloud dental software removes the capital expenses of purchasing computing hardware and software, and ensuring they work well in meeting your needs.

With a cloud-based Dental Practice Management Software, the racks of setting up IT systems, the need to hire a large IT team to assist with the management, and the complexities of dealing with constant software-related issues are all unnecessary—assisting in greatly reducing your operational costs.

Furthermore, cloud-based dental software solutions are able to scale elastically. This means that they can deliver the appropriate amount of IT resources, such as more or less storage capacity, depending on the stipulated needs and without expanding your practice’s budget.


With the current wave of state-of-the-art technologies, dental offices will swim or sink based on their decisions to either ride the wave or fail to catch the movements.

Cloud dental software is proving to be the go-to solution for dentists who want to realize easy management of data, increased competitive edge, enhanced data security, and cost savings.

Therefore, switching from the conventional dental technologies to cloud-based dental PMS could help you in propelling the growth of your practice to higher heights.

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