How Cloud EHR Protects Your Patients and Your Practice

Kiltesh Patel
December 1, 2017 | 3 min read

how cloud-based EHR protects your patients and your practiceIn our last few posts, we've talked a bit about cloud security and the benefits of cloud-based dental software. We chose the cloud for our dental practice management software for a number of reasons, from saving money to convenience, cybersecurity to patient retention, the cloud makes running your new dental practice easier.

Let's talk about how utilizing cloud-based EHR protects your patients and your practice.

Cloud-based EHR are secure

When it comes to storing and accessing sensitive patient health data, you can't take any risks. HIPAA needs to be adhered to, and by using a cloud-based storage option, your vendor will ensure the system is compliant. Additionally, on-site servers (as opposed to cloud-based) need constant monitoring, patches, and updates to ensure security; this makes them much more susceptible to hackers and other issues.

Off-site, cloud-based EHR managed by experts also offer bank-level encryption in a system committed to keeping their customers' data safe. You can't replicate that in your office, nor would you want to! Not only are these vendors committed to security, they will also ensure you have numerous regular backups of all your critical practice data.

Cloud-based EHR are easy to access

If you're reliant on on-site data storage for your data, you have to be on-site to access it. Even if you can access remotely, you have to rely on clumsy, less-secure remote access options. Cloud-based EHR allows you to access the records anywhere you have internet access, from any device. This allows you or your staff flexibility both out of the office, in the office, and in other office locations, if necessary.

Cloud-based EHR are simple to setup

Setting up your dental practice software can be tedious and time-consuming. Not to mention expensive. On-site options require hardware (like servers) and a long setup and on-boarding process. Cloud-based EHR allows you to fast-track the setup with no hardware requirements beyond computers and access to high-speed internet.

Cloud-based EHR sets your practice up for growth

Using an on-site system means you'll have to think ahead. How much server space will you need? What about bandwidth? As you grow and add more data and more users to the system, these considerations become critical. You can't slow down the system or compromise access just because your adding patients and appointments.

With a cloud-based EHR system, your vendor will worry about capacity. You just make sure you have enough devices to go around and keep paying your monthly service fees (though this may go up as you add records or users). You'll be free of adding servers—including paying for the installation and the downtime. 

Want to learn more about cloud-based EHR and how the team at tab32 can set you up for success? Contact us today and we'll help you get all the information you need to get your practice off to a great start.


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