Dental Practice Software: Keeping it Simple with tab32

Kiltesh Patel
January 5, 2018 | 3 min read

Dental Practice Software: Keeping it Simple with tab32We designed tab32 with the busy, single-dentist practice in mind. You have a lot of options when it comes to the software tools you use to run your practice, but we have some advice for you: keep it simple. Sure, you can find programs for EHR, practice management, scheduling, patient communication, and more, but your best bet is keeping it all in one spot. 

tab32 offers solutions for all your needs. And we've packaged and priced it in a way to keep things simple all the way around—from startup to day to day use to budgeting and billing.

No add-ons or module pricing

When you sign up for tab32, you get everything you see. There are no additional charges for x-ray modules, claims, electronic attachments, or to text patients. We know when you make the decision to use a software, you want to know the bottom line: what is it going to cost for you to get your job done? We won't sign you up then surprise you with additional prices for critical features you assumed were included. It's all here—everything you need to run your practice from the moment you open your doors.

No per user or data quantity pricing

Many cloud-based software services charge by the user. Not tab32. We don't care how many staff you have using your software, they're all welcome and you won't have to worry about adjusting your monthly billing based on the number of staff you have. We know that fluctuates and we are committed to simplicity for you and for us! 

The other pricing model we often see is by data quantity. We aren't Google Drive or DropBox. You need the space you need, and you need to not have to worry about it most of all. That's why that doesn't ever figure into your monthly costs with tab32. Pay your monthly costs and call it a day without worrying if you're running out of space or if you need to upgrade your storage space.

No installation or onboarding fees

Setup? Installation? Training? For the software you just bought? We think that's ridiculous. That's why you won't have to pay those fees. We'll get you started and keep you going without additional costs for training or setup. Because we designed tab32 to be simple and intuitive, it frankly doesn't take much time to get going.

Want to take a free demo? Sign up today and see why so many new dental practices are choosing our cloud-based EHR and dental practice management software.


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