Adoption & Obstacles for the Cloud Dental Software - Dental EHR

Kiltesh Patel
November 14, 2015 | 3 min read

cloud dental softwareThe cloud has become de-facto standard for delivering cost effective products and services to consumers and businesses - large and small.

We are seeing rapid growth in use of cloud technlogies even in sectors like banking, credit card, healthcare, brokerages, etc., where data protection is exteremly critical. The rapid adoption of cloud software can be attributed to the matured technologies which can address required needs like PCI, HIPAA, HITECH, etc.

In this blog, let's look at few critical reasons to adopt cloud dental software and obstacles it still faces as technologies keeps evolving for better.   

96% of the healthcare industry will adopt cloud services as per a survey conducted by  HIMSS.  The dental industry too will follow these trends because the care services are highly competed on cost with no differentiation - in other words it is a commodity. To maintain the gross margins, more (quantity) patients are served for same revenue, which in turn increase customer acquisition cost for additional patients. The dental industry has notoriously high patient churn rate of 60% and the patient acquisition cost averaged at $245 per patient. Hence, these cost pressure will require the provider to adopt newer technologies to stay in business.

Let us look at top 3 reasons for adopting the use of cloud dental software.

a) Maintenance Cost - Most legacy dental practice management software will cost $5,000 to $20,000 per year considering hardware, software, support, backup, etc... 

The cloud services can bring these cost to almost ZERO.Learn More about FREE Cloud Dental Softwareb) Speed to deployment - Most legacy dental practice software requires installation, maintenance, upgrades, etc...

The cloud services will make it almost instantaneous.start now instantaneously on tab32 EHR  c) Staff Challenges - Most dental software requires days of expensive training. In some cases, they require to fly in and out of a place for the training.

The cloud services will make it easier and cost effective. tab32 dental EHR provides free EHR short guided video tutorials and also provides online training for a small fees. See the comparision table.

Now, let us look into obstacles and challenges for the cloud services.

a) Slow Response through Cloud - The internet bandwith, modem, type of computer largely attributes to the response time. Most, cloud based systems are desinged to work with minimum bandwith like Gmail.

However, the older web-based dental software or hosted cloud solutions will have these problems because they were not desinged for the Cloud but are marketed and band-aid to work on cloud. 

tab32's dental EHR is specifially desgined for the cloud and hence, it is one of the best in the market, which works on a minimal bandwidth like hotmail and gmail.

b) Downtime - Internet downtime during business hour is crictical where most systems falls short to be used in clinical operations.

tab32 EHR is the only dental EHR designed for the tablet 7"+ (iOS or Andriod). It provides all the functionalities and uncompromised user experience. A practice can continue operations without hassle with the use of 4G data connection as a secondary option. 


The most adoption and obstacles are dervied by by easy of use, availability, dependability and simplicity - don't mistaken between beautiful and simple because simple is beautiful but beautiful is not always simple.

tab32 is the only dental software desinged for cloud keeping simplicity, availability and dependability at core, which makes is easy for the company to provide a quality FREE EHR service to its customers.

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