3 Ways the Right Practice Software Builds Patient Loyalty

Kiltesh Patel
November 17, 2017 | 2 min read

3-ways-right-practice-software-builds-patient-loyaltyWe've talked quite a bit about patient loyalty, but today we want to focus in on how the right dental practice software can help you start your practice off with strong patient relationships from the get-go. When you start your practice, building good relationships with your patients is key to the success and longevity of your business. Having the right tool at your fingertips will make cultivating these relationships even easier.

At tab32, we've given significant thought to the kinds of features you and your staff need to not only give great customer service, but to keep communication lines open and make the patient experience smooth from initial appointment to online history forms, EHR, insurance billing, and even follow-up reminders. Let's dig in a little further:

Customer service

We know you want to maximize the time you spend in the office. And likewise, your patients want a smooth, timely appointment. No one wants to be at the dentist's office all day, including the dentist! When your dental practice management software has easy to use and easy to access patient records, appointment scheduling, and incorporated VoIP to document all patient contact, you can be sure your patients are getting the very best service.

Patient communication

We're all busy, patients are busy, you're busy. No one has time for missed appointments and rescheduling. We make sure patients get appointment reminders and recall reminders in a timely, helpful manner. Additionally, patients can receive communications over email and even get a special birthday email -- you want to show your patients that they're more than just a mouth full of teeth.

Patient experience

You know how when you go to the doctor, you tell the appointment setter your chief complaint, then you get to the office and tell the nurse, then you finally tell the doctor? It's like no one there is communicating! Our cloud-based dental software is designed to keep your staff on the same page and give patients a smooth, stress-free experience. Not only is their history available in the system, but easy to use and access EHR and treatment records keep everyone updated on where patients are in their treatment. 

As we talked about before, building and keeping your patients loyal is important, especially for brand new dental practices. Want to learn more? Get our free technology ebook.


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