3 Ways Cloud-Based Dental Software Saves You Money

Kiltesh Patel
October 13, 2017 | 3 min read


3 ways cloud-based software saves moneyOne of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to cloud-based dental practice management software is how much they cost. And while it's true, practice software is a big investment, the benefits of cloud-based solutions and their relative cost make them a great option. Often, cloud-based software is less expensive than its traditional, on-site counterparts. The lower price point combined with the benefits give dentists a strong option for running their practice with cloud-based dental software.

Let's look at some of the ways cloud dental software can save money:

  1. Less upfront cost. Traditional systems require on-site hardware, including servers for image and data storage. This can be an expensive purchase, along with the initial set-up and training fees for using the software and getting it customized to the practice. With cloud-based software, there's no hardware requirement—only computers for staff and a solid internet connection is needed. Set-up and training are also minimized due to the ease of use and set-up that doesn't require an onsite representative.
  2. Less personnel cost. Since there's no need for onsite set-up or training and no need for ongoing support for onsite servers and hardware, costs for personnel are nearly zero. There's also less administrative time for your staff (specifically office manager) because their time won't be dominated by troubleshooting onsite hardware or managing the appointments of IT support.
  3. Less maintenance cost. You won't have to invest in the "newest version" since cloud software will just keep getting better, automatically. There are no servers to upgrade or add, no other hardware to replace. But the real savings come when there's no downtime to your practice to make those updates or upgrades to the system. (For more on this, see why cloud-based software is more secure in our last blog post.)

How tab32 magnifies savings

With tab32, we've created an all-in-one software solution. From EHR to charting, practice management to client relations and communication, this is the only tool you'll need. Forget piecing together different systems for the features you need. tab32 eliminates the redundancies of paying for multiple solutions that probably have overlapping features, but aren't perfect on their own. Instead, get the one cloud-based practice software that does everything you need at one price.

This leads to our final bonus: less overall stress in maintaining and administrating your practice. Streamline, save money, and ultimately save time and hassle with the solution that provides everything you need in one place. 

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