tab32 Announces HelloPatient Version 2

by Press Release, on February 5, 2021

Sacramento, CA: tab32 today announces the new version of its popular patient communication system HelloPatient. The new version allows flexible online appointment scheduling for small, medium or large group practices with single or multiple providers, and multi-location practices with single or multiple database.

HelloPatient adds "online appointment booking" and "online appointment requesting" features for a dental practice's public website for new patients. The feature is critical to improve the quality of patient experience while booking because existing methods of calling a number from a website or filling out a web form on a website are not optimal. This reduces lead conversions and loss of revenue to the practice, especially, when Google Adwords for "nearby dentist" are getting expensive by the day. 

The new booking feature allows practices to collect part payment like co-pay or booking fees upfront while booking/requesting an appointment to reduce the unwanted noise of no-shows and the feature will deliver much needed quality lead conversions. Additionally, the new feature will allow a practice to open the booking for custom services like "New Patient Exams", "Second Opinion", "Specials", etc. for optimal scheduling. 

The booking feature is designed form iPhone, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, iPads and Android tablets, to meet modern consumers where they are. HelloPatient already has most contemporary communication features likes 2-way texting within EHR, online consent forms, secured messages, reminders, and birthday messages. 

tab32 is the industry's Leading All-in-One Cloud based dental EHR Platform.