tab32 Revolutionizes Dental Software Development with the Launch of its Comprehensive API

by Press Release, on August 22, 2023

Rocklin, CA – tab32 is proud to announce the launch of the new tab32 API, offering DSOs and 3rd-party developers the ability to tap into a growing marketplace of innovative dental tools within the trusted tab32 enterprise cloud dental platform.

The new tab32 API helps enterprises integrate patient management, appointment scheduling, insurance claims processing, and treatment planning with existing enterprise ecosystems (e.g., CRM) or third-party services, while also facilitating the development of new applications.

The tab32 API provides DSOs with a secure, compliant solution to drive digital transformation, adopt emerging technologies, and stay ahead of the competition.

A Comprehensive Offering 

Standing out as the dental industry's most comprehensive API, the tab32 API offers teams an extensive suite of tools and resources, providing a complete solution for companies seeking to build powerful dental applications from scratch or enhance existing ones.

Empowering 3rd-Party Vendors

The API opens up new possibilities for third-party vendors by enabling innovative use cases. For instance, vendors can incorporate VoIP-enabled live AI to scan for contextual use cases, capturing new patient inquiries or identifying specific treatments patients might be seeking. By doing so, vendors can expand their services and offer more targeted and efficient solutions.

Robust Library of Assets

DSOs and third-party developers gain access to a rich library of assets, including comprehensive documentation, sample code, and developer resources. These assets expedite the development process, streamlining workflows, and reducing time-to-market for dental applications. With clear and concise documentation, integration becomes seamless, allowing developers to focus on building exceptional user experiences.

Multiple App Development

The tab32 API offers developers the flexibility to create multiple applications catering to various dental use cases. Whether it's a patient-facing mobile app for appointment booking or a comprehensive practice management software, the API's versatility enables developers to meet diverse needs. Seamless integration of dental workflows, data management, and analytics provides dental professionals with efficient tools to enhance patient care.

Security and Compliance

Maintaining data security and compliance with industry standards is of utmost importance to the tab32 API. Adhering to HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and SOC2 regulations and implementing robust data encryption, the API ensures patient data remains protected throughout the development process. Developers can build applications with confidence and trust in tab32's commitment to a secure environment.

"We are thrilled to introduce the tab32 API, the most comprehensive solution for dental software development," said Melissa LuVisi, Chief Strategy Officer at tab32. "We aim to empower DSOs in shaping the future of dental practice management."

By embracing the future of dental software development with the tab32 API, DSOs and third-party developers have the tools they need to drive innovation and transform dental practice management. 

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