tab32 Achieved SOC 2 Compliance

by Press Release, on March 5, 2024

Rocklin, CA—tab32, a leading all-in-one cloud dental practice management platform, announced it has achieved SOC 2 attestation. The independent assessment and external audit demonstrate that the company meets the security commitments it has made to its customers.

A SOC 2 audit verifies a service organization has implemented security controls and measures to manage and protect data in the cloud. The report details the audit's findings, showing how the company adheres to best practices to secure sensitive data.

tab32 Achieved SOC 2 Compliance

MJD Advisors, an independent auditing firm specializing in information security compliance, conducted the SOC 2 attestation. The audit covers tab32’s end-to-end platform, including features for patient engagement, practice management, imaging, billing, and claim submissions.

“We prioritize security and compliance as our utmost concern, recognizing the vital role tab32 plays in supporting dental businesses' critical functions,” says Kiltesh Patel, CEO of tab32. “I am delighted to announce we have achieved SOC 2 attestation, further demonstrating our unwavering dedication as industry leaders to our customers."

The audit evaluated the dental practice management platform’s security controls against unauthorized access, unauthorized information disclosure, and damage to the infrastructure that could compromise information confidentiality and affect the company’s ability to meet its objectives.

The report covers tab32’s security measures and capabilities in the following areas: control environment, communication and information, risk assessment, control activities, logical and physical access control, system operations, change management, and risk mitigation.

SOC 2 attestation is a valuable credential for any business that handles sensitive user data. It demonstrates that the company has taken the necessary steps and implemented best practices to protect data and ensure compliance with industry regulations, such as HIPAA.

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