Lightwave Deploys Multipractice Cloud Dental Practice Management Platform, Powered by tab32

by Press Release, on March 17, 2022

Lightwave Dental

Lightwave, a leading management services partner for top-tier dentists in the mid-Atlantic region, today announced its selection of tab32 as sole cloud dental practice management software (PMS) solution for its portfolio of practices. Kiltesh Patel, tab32 CEO & Justin Jory, Lightwave CEOThe platform will support 175 full-time dentists and 1,000+ employees across Lightwave’s 66 dental offices to fuel growth, deliver streamlined office management, and optimize patient care.

The move supports Lightwave’s recent overhaul of its business model, which saw the organization transform from a conventional dental services organization (DSO) into a Dental Leadership Organization (DLO) focused on helping dental professionals to chart their own course and drive practice growth without compromising patient care. Partnering with tab32 will empower Lightwave’s dental leaders to focus on what they do best, while eliminating operational struggles relating to billing, insurance, HR, marketing, accounting, and other tedious administrative work.

With Lightwave having doubled in size over the past year, tab32 will also provide the flexible, accessible digital infrastructure needed to maintain operational standards and quality of care across a rapidly growing network. Cloud tech is inherently more scalable and cost-effective for fast-growing DSOs and DLOs, and tab32’s flexible and robust cloud PMS system can be deployed methodically across Lightwave’s portfolio to ensure customization for practices’ specific needs.

Kiltesh Patel, tab32 CEO & Justin Jory, Lightwave CEO“Lightwave’s new business model solves some of the dental industry’s biggest problems, and we’re thrilled to be supporting their journey as their sole cloud-tech partner,” said Kiltesh Patel, founder and CEO at tab32. “Growing dental networks need cohesive cloud-tech solutions with the flexibility to accommodate growth and a diverse range of practitioner needs — and that’s exactly what tab32 provides.”

“Lightwave is committed to our dentist-led culture and partnering with top-tier dental leaders to provide the world-class tools, technology and training needed to drive practice growth,” said Justin Jory, founder and CEO at Lightwave. “With tab32, we’ve found a partner that shares our unwavering commitment to quality, values, and people — and that can deliver the future-proof tech our network of practices and dentists need to succeed in 2022 and beyond.”

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