Launching Dental Practice Management System (Dental PM)

by Press Release, on May 9, 2016



Dental PM - Cloud Dental SoftwareWe are excited to announce the public release of Dental PM module to compliment the features of our existing FREE Dental EHR. The Dental PM will provide enhanced scheduler version, unlimited claims per provider, direct customer support lines, analytical dashboard and many more features:

a) Comprehensive scheduling features to manage busy front & back office needs.

b) Integrated scheduling features for easy charting and navigating from scheduler.  

c) Unlimited claims and attachments per provider.

d) Customer Support - Monday - Saturday 9AM - 5PM PST

e) Easy clinical documentation features, analytical dashboard and much more...

The Dental PM module will be available for a small upgrade fees. tab32 is industry's first FREE FULL FEATURED Cloud based dental EHR Platform.